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Barbara Hale is best known for her role as legal secretary Della Street
on more than 250 episodes of the long-running Perry Mason CBS
television series and later reprising the role in 30 made-for-TV

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  1. barby says:

    Wow! She looks terrific for 90!! (she also has a great name!!) lol

  2. J. W. Haslett says:

    Late Happy Birthday wishes for a great lady. I enjoyed getting to know her a little on Perry Mason. I was only an extra. Is there any way of making contact with you? Would love to chat with you.

  3. Geri says:

    My mom used to love the Perry Mason show. I loved the show too, but my fave was Della street and couldn’t believe that Perry or Paul didn’t ask her to marry. I sure would have. I thought she was beautiful. The close seconds were Donna Reed and I love Jeannie but Della was tops. Cool, smart, loyal, sexy. Wow! and… Still beautiful. My wife also loves you. She is also Scottish-Irish. Lots of fun, energy and trouble. You too?

  4. Bill & Linda McElhannon says:

    Hi Barbara from Bill and Linda. We watch all the Perry Mason shows on a new station called MeTV. We are so glad to be able to get this station and watch you and the other ‘real’ actors. TV today is just not the same, it’s not as good. The actors and the writing is just simply not as good now as when you guys were on TV. You still look fabulous. We wish you were in a show now, you are so great actress!

  5. Jeanette says:

    I read that you are a native of DeKalb, IL. My Dad (Vernon) & his best friend (Lyle) were from Sycamore, IL. They have told me stories about double dating with you many years ago. Do you recall them or your days back in DeKalb County?

  6. Ana Badilla says:

    My sister and I are from Costa Rica(Central America) and we are living in New Jersey and we love Perrry Mason series. Today(January 20th) was a marathon in TV and we spent all day watching it. You look beautiful.

  7. Barbara, you will always be Della Street to me. I watch Perry Mason twice a day @ 9:00 in the morning and 10:30 at night. I just love the show. There was a marathon of Perry Mason movies on during the first weekend in January and watched around the clock. You’re a wonderful actress.

  8. Sue Karlsson says:

    Happy Birthday Barbara !!!! We never met but your father Esra was married to my Aunt Burnis from Rockford IL. They had twins Keith & Kurtis Hale. I would love to find them. I heard that after my Aunt ( there mom ) passed away that they came to live with you. I’d love to hear from you and the twins. You are still BEAUTIFUL !!!! Love you

  9. Cody and Rochelle says:

    We have loved you for years. Glad to know you are well and will soon celebrate 91 years. Thanks for bringing joy and beauty to our world!

  10. Tyrone E. Holt says:

    Thank You God for a great actress Barbara Hale. She will always be a jewel icon of what today’s actresses lack or donot possess. Thank You for your supberb performances on Perry Mason. The late George Patton made a comment: “God, how I hate the 20th century. It took me a while to understand the beauty, nostalgia, the love of great people whos performances in life create aspirations for all of us. Thank You Madane Barbara Hale. God peace be with you always.

  11. worrenwolfe says:

    Happy 90th for last year.Goodhealth.Write a book.Just watched “The First Time”(1952) for the first time.Good clean humour.Keep up the classy style roles.My late mum loved “Perry Mason”show.Gosh the older movies and TV shows were so much better than the crap they make since the late 7o’s onwards.Sincerly Worren Wolfe (Australia)

  12. worrenwolfe says:

    Apology for stuffing up the post.Thought the first one had’nt got through.Not to worry.I did see “Any Wednesday”(1978) movie on the big screen ,co-starring your son.Good movie.and “Airport”(1970)The que to see that film went arounf the block.Very successful picture.Keep smilin. Wozza

  13. Camille says:

    Happy Birthday Barbara. I’m a big fan of both Perry Mason and the movie Higher and Higher. It’s great that Perry Mason is showing on MeTV. Love watching it in the morning. Best Wishes, Camille

  14. Della says:

    My mother named me Della, after Della Street, she used to hear Perry Mason on the radio before it was televised!……Happy Birthday Barbara, we are having a Naming Ceremony next Tuesday, and I am going to download a picture of Barbara and bring it to the Ceremony!……<3

  15. tom hayes says:

    Happy late birthday

  16. PEngland says:

    Loved watshing Perry Mason and Della, Your show was number one in our household.
    Happy Birthday and Many More
    Sept.2 ,2013

  17. Mickey says:

    My grandparents never missed the Perry Mason show and I , as a child loved the show also. I always wanted you and Perry to get married. PS,. I still watch the show every weekday nite on MTV. God bless you.

  18. Bob Thompson says:

    I have watched Perry Mason for a number of years and definitely enjoy watching it again every day now. I look forward to watching the episodes again with pleasure and wish you great health and happiness in the years to come.

  19. sandy quigley says:

    great fan of Perry Mason,Della,and of course Paul.
    someone wrote about the shows not being good anymore how true.I am glad that I can watch Perry on MeTV. they need more good taste shows-not the garbage nowadays.

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