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Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the Busch Series Championship in 1998 and 1999
and the Daytona 500 in 2004 and 2014. He went on to become an analyst
for NASCAR on NBC-TV. He went into his first race with a car he co-owned
with his half brother Kerry. Junior, as he is often called, won his 12th
consecutive Sprint Cup Series Most Popular Driver Award in 2014.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the broadcast booth.

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Anthrax-laced  letters were sent to Capitol Hill on this day in 2001.

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Image result for anthrax laced letters sent to capitol hill in 2001

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On Oct. 7, 1985, the Italian cruise ship MS Achille Lauro was hijacked
by four members of the Palestine Liberation Front off the coast of
Egypt in the Mediterranean. The hijackers took the more than 400 passengers and crew members hostage and demanded the release
of 50 Palestinians from Israeli prisons.

On this day in 1985, the hijackers surrendered on the condition
that they and the hijacking mastermind
Abu Abbas be given a
plane to
escape. However, on Oct. 10, the plane was intercepted by 
United States military aircraft and forced to land at a NATO base 
in Sicily, where Mr. Abbas and the hijackers were arrested.

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The four Palestinian terrorists who hijacked the cruise ship.

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Released hostages of the Achille Lauro liner hijacking are shown 
being taken ashore.

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Palestinian militant Abu Abbas, mastermind of the 1985 Achille
Lauro cruise ship hijacking was captured in Iraq April 2003. He

died in US custody from a heart attack in 2004.

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John Winston Ono Lennon  (October 9, 1940 – December 8, 1980)

John Lennon became one of the most influential songwriters in the history
of popular music after co-founding
The Beatles with Paul McCartney and
George Harrison. In 2008, Rolling Stone ranked John Lennon the fifth-
greatest singer of all time. In 1987, he was posthumously inducted into
the Songwriters Hall of Fame and twice posthumously inducted into the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: first in 1988 as a member of the Beatles and
again in 1994 as a solo artist.

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One of the last photos of John Lennon before he was killed.

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Susan Alexandra "Sigourney" Weaver

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Sigourney Weaver played the resourceful action hero Ellen Ripley (above) in the Alien film franchise beginning in 1979. She also
played Dana Barrett in
(1984) and Ghostbusters II
(1989) and Dr.
Augustine in Avatar (2009). 

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today in history


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On this day in 2001, the U.S. and Great Britain began airstrikes in Afghanistan in response to that state’s support of terrorism and
Osama bin Laden. The act was the first military action taken in
response to the terrorist attacks on the U.S. on September 11,

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In this image taken from video, US President George W. Bush addresses the nation from the White House on October 7, 2001. He announced that US and British forces had begun airstrikes on Taliban and al Qaeda targets in Afghanistan. The United States linked the Sept. 11 attacks to al Qaeda, a group that operated under the protection of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. The military operation was launched to stop the Taliban from providing a safe haven to al Qaeda and to stop al Qaeda's use of Afghanistan as a base for terrorist activities.
President George W. Bush addresses the nation announcing the

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US airstrikes destroy Taliban camp in Afghanistan.

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A cross marked the fence where 21-year-old Matthew Shepard
was robbed, beaten and left to die on this day in 1998. He was
lured by two men pretending to also be gay. Shepard was taken
to a hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he died six days
later from severe head injuries. The fence has since been torn

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Matthew Wayne "Matt" Shepard
(December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998)

Shepard’s death inspired the play The Laramie Project, later
turned into a television movie, countless songs, a foundation
devoted to his memory along with a political lobbying effort
that pressed for, and eventually obtained, a new federal hate
crimes statute named after him.

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From left: Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney
were charged with the murder of Matthew Shepard
and are both serving long prison terms.

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John J Mellencamp (previously known as John Cougar Mellencamp)
is 67 years old today.

Singer-songwriter John Mellencamp is best known for his #1 hit song, "Jack
& Diane." He has been nominated for more than ten Grammy Awards and
was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008.

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today in history

camilleb ap

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The Soviet Union launched Sputnik I into orbit around the Earth on
this day in 1957. Sputnik was the first manmade satellite to enter
space. It fell out of orbit on January 4, 1958.

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The rocket that carried Sputnik 1, is shown on the launch pad.


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The ‘Great Stone Face’ in 1925.

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Joseph Frank
"Buster" Keaton (October 4, 1895 – February 1, 1966)

Buster Keaton was best known for his silent films, in which his trademark
physical comedy with a consistent deadpan expression, earning him
the nickname "The Great Stone Face".  Critic
Roger Ebert wrote of Keaton’s "extraordinary period from 1920 to 1929, [when] he worked on a series of
films that make him, arguably, the greatest actor–director in the history of
the movies". His career declined with a loss of his artistic independence
when hired by
MGM studios, a divorce and alcoholism. He recovered in 
the 1940s, remarried, and revived his career to a degree as an honored
comic performer for the rest of his life, earning an
Academy Honorary 

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The cameraman poster.jpg

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