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It was on this day in 1953.

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Police photos of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Remembering the Day of the Rosenberg Executions
This is a view of the death chamber and electric chair in Sing Sing
prison in Ossining where the Rosenbergs were executed.


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The first Father’s Day was celebrated in Spokane, Washington on
this day in 1910. According to the Library of Congress, a woman
who was raised by her father heard a sermon about Mother’s Day
and decided fathers should be recognized as well.

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The emancipation of slaves was proclaimed in Texas
on this day in 1865.

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British Indian novelist and essayist Sir Ahmed Salman
Rushdie is 71 years old today.


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Paula Julie Abdul is a dancer, choreographer, singer,
songwriter, actress, and television personality. She is
56 years young today.

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Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Ryan Seacrest on
TV’s American Idol.

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This picture taken on 14 June 2018 in Lyon, southern France, shows the hat allegedly attributed to Emperor Napoleon I
Napoleon wore this hat at the battle of Waterloo on this day in 1815.

(Fox News) – An extremely rare ‘bicorne,’ or 2-pointed hat, that was worn by Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo was sold at auction in France
for $325,000 on Monday.

The hat went under the hammer for $325,052 at Lyon-based auction house
De Baecque. The hat had a pre-sale estimate of $34,881 to $46,441.

The auction house told Fox News the bicorne was bought by a private
European collector who is "passionate" about the period of the First
French Empire.

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Napoléon Bonaparte (August 15, 1769 – May 5, 1821)

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Winston Churchill rallies Britain during World War 2 with his famous "finest hour" speech on this day in 1940.

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On this day in 1815, at the Battle of Waterloo Napoleon was defeated
by an international army under the Duke of Wellington. Napoleon abdicated on June 22.

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The War of 1812 began as the U.S. declared war against Great Britain
on this day in 1812. The conflict began over trade restrictions and
numerous other disputes between the two countries.

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James Monroe (April 28, 1758 – July 4, 1831)

During the War of 1812, Monroe served in critical
roles as
Secretary of State and the Secretary of
under President James Madison (below).

James Madison.jpg
James Madison Jr. (March 16, 1751 – June 28, 1836)

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On this day in 1928, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly
across the Atlantic Ocean when she flew from Newfoundland to

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Dr. Sally Ride became the first American woman in space aboard the space shuttle Challenger on this day in 1983.

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Sally Kristen Ride
(May 26, 1951 – July 23, 2012)

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Sir James Paul McCartney is 76 years old today.

Singer and multi-instrumentalist of The Beatles, Paul McCartney 
wrote such hit songs for the band as "Penny Lane," "Blackbird"
and "Eleanor Rigby." After his time with The Beatles he formed
the band Wings and embarked upon a solo career. He has earned
21 Grammy Awards across his career.

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The cover of Abbey Road has no printed words. It is a photo of the Beatles, in side view, crossing the street in single file.
Abbey Road studio album by The Beatles, 1969.

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Father’s Day was not celebrated in the US, outside Catholic traditions, until the
early 20th century. As a civic celebration in the US, it was inaugurated then
to complement
Mother’s Day by celebrating fathers and male parenting.

After Anna Jarvis successful promotion of Mother’s Day in Grafton, West
, the first observance of a "Father’s Day" was held on July 5, 1908,
Fairmont, West Virginia, in the Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal
Church South, now known as Central
United Methodist Church.

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Sergeant Stubby (1916 or 1917 – March 16, 1926)


MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) — A new monument in Connecticut honors service animals — with a statue of one of the nation’s most famous war dogs.

The sculpture, "Stubby Salutes," was unveiled Saturday in Veterans Memorial
Park in Middletown.

SGT Stubby was a Boston-terrier mix that traveled to Europe with the U.S.
Army’s renown 26th "Yankee Division" during World War I.

Stubby became famous for warning soldiers of incoming gas attacks and
locating wounded soldiers on the battlefield, staying with them until help

His story was the subject of a major animated movie last month, "Sgt. Stubby:
An American Hero."

The new bronze sculpture, created by artist Susan Bahary, is the culmination
of a three-decade effort to create a memorial, spearheaded by the family of
Robert Conroy, the army corporal who adopted Stubby during training.

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Monument honoring famous WWI war dog SGT Stubby is dedicated.


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