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Sunbeam’s long-time mascot, Little Miss Sunbeam.

Sunbeam Bread is a franchised brand of white bread, rolls, and other baked
goods owned by the Quality Bakers of America cooperative, The bread
products are produced and distributed by regional bakeries.  

The brand and its marketing symbol of a young child was launched in 1942
and was first marketed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Illustrator Ellen Barbara Segner with a Miss Sunbeam model,
six-year-old Donna Kay Ericksen of Champaign, IL.

In 1942, illustrator Ellen Segner (above) was commissioned by the Quality
Bakers of America to create a marketing symbol of a young child. Over six
months she submitted hundreds of sketches before coming across the girl
who would become the first Miss Sunbeam in Southern Indiana. The image
of the holiday Little Miss Sunbeam first appeared on a billboard in the 1950s.

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Amedeo Obici   (July 15, 1877 – May 22, 1947)


In 1906, Italian immigrant Amedeo Obici, along with his
friend and business partner, Mario Peruzzi, founded
Planters Peanut Company in Wilkes-Barre, PA. He
started his career as a bellhop and fruit stand vender
in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Obici later moved to Wilkes-
Barre, opened his own fruit stand, and invested in a
peanut roaster. He turned peddler within a few years,
using a horse and wagon, and calling himself "The
Peanut Specialist". Today, the snack food company
is a division of
Kraft Foods.

A 1917 drawing of the company’s brand icon by artist
Cecil Stoner
based upon a contest entry by 14 year old
Antonio Gentile.




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The chocolate chip cookie was invented by the American chef
Ruth Graves Wakefield and chef Sue Brides in 1938. She invented the
recipe during the period when she owned the
Toll House Inn, in
Whitman, Massachusetts.

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Ruth Graves Wakefield (June 17, 1903 – January 10, 1977)

It is often incorrectly reported that the chocolate chip cookie was
an accident, and that Wakefield expected the chocolate chunks to
melt making chocolate cookies. In reality, Wakefield stated that she
deliberately invented the cookie. She said, "We had been serving a
thin butterscotch nut cookie with ice cream. Everybody seemed
to love it, but I was trying to give them something different. So I
came up with Toll House cookie." (

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(FoxNews) – Writer’s block is no fun for any author. But one writer has such a
severe mental blockage that he’s decided to step down from his job after three
decades in the business. 

For 30 years, Donald Lau has been the “Chief Fortune Writer” at Wonton
Foods, a manufacturer that touts itself to be one of the world’s largest
producers of fortune cookies. But now,Lau is leaving his position following
a long bout of writer’s block.

Lau recently stated, "I used to write 100 a year, but I’ve only written two
or three a month over the past year.”

Lau has been with the New York City-based company– which operates out
of Brooklyn and Queens boroughs, since the 1980s but a new push to
produce inspiring sayings that promote wellness and serenity has Lau
coming up blank.

Instead, James Wong, a nephew of the company’s founder, will now handle
the writing position. He’s already being trained by Lau.

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Donald Lau, VP of Wonton Foods.

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National Cookie Day is observed annually on December 4th. The
English word “cookie” is derived from the Dutch word “koekie”
meaning little cake.

The origin of the cookie appears to begin in Persia in the 7th century,
soon after the use of sugar became common in the region.  They were
then spread to Europe through the Muslim conquest of Spain. Cookies
were common in all levels of society throughout Europe by the 14th
century, from the royal cuisine to the street vendors

Cookies arrived in America in the 17th century.  Macaroons and
gingerbread cookies were among the popular early American


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