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DALLAS (AP) –  Keys to the New Jersey lab where Thomas Edison invented
the phonograph and some of the light bulbs that he perfected sold for more
than $60,000 at auction on Saturday.

The keys sold for $10,625 at an auction run by Heritage Auctions in Dallas. A 
set of five Edison bulbs used in a court case sold for $30,000.

The items were acquired by Charlie Knudsen, 69, of Pittsburgh, and had
belonged to his great-aunt. She was married to one of the attorneys whose
law firm represented Edison in patent lawsuits.


Thomas Alva Edison  (February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931)

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Johnny Cash in front of the lake house in Hendersonville. TN.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The famous Tennessee lakeside property where
Johnny and June Carter Cash spent much of their 35-year marriage has been
listed for sale.

According to a news release on Thursday, the owner James Gresham is selling
the 4-acre property in Hendersonville about 20 miles northeast of Nashville with
the hopes that the new owner would preserve the Cash legacy. No listing price
has been set.

Unfortunately, their home (above) was destroyed in a fire in 2007, but the
property includes a pool, a dock, stone walls and a three-car garage that
has been turned into an apartment.

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John R. "Johnny" Cash (J. R. Cash)
(February 26, 1932 – September 12, 2003)

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) –  A San Francisco home that served as the setting for
the popular 1993 movie "Mrs. Doubtfire," starring Robin Williams, has sold for
$4.15 million.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the four-bedroom Victorian in the
Pacific Heights neighborhood sold this week after being listed in September
for $4.45 million. It did not identify the buyer.

The previous owner of the home was a plastic surgeon who bought it in 1997
for about $1.4 million.

Last year, a disgruntled former patient set two small fires that didn’t cause
much damage to the home.

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The iconic "Mrs. Doubtfire" house served as a temporary shrine to Williams after his suicide in 2014.

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RMS Titanic

LONDON (AP) –  A corroded iron key to a locker on the Titanic has sold at
auction for $104,000 by Henry Aldridge & Son in Devizes, western England
on Saturday.

The key belonged to Sidney Sedunary, a 23-year-old ship’s steward. He was
one of the 1,500 people who died when the state-of-the-art passenger liner
stuck an iceberg and sank August 15,1912 during its maiden voyage from
England to New York.

The key, attached to a brass tag stamped "Locker 14 F Deck," was sent to
Sedunary’s pregnant widow after his body was recovered. Prices for Titanic
artifacts have soared in recent years.

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This Nov. 9, 2001, file photo shows the sequin-covered ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz"  at the offices of Profiles in History in Calabasas, Calif. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon, File)
One of the four pairs of ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in the
1939 film “The Wizard of Oz.”

WASHINGTON (AP) — It will take more than three clicks of the heels to restore
the ruby slippers that whisked Dorothy back to Kansas at the end of “The
Wizard of Oz.”

The slippers, which for more than 30 years have been one of the most beloved
items at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, were crafted
almost 80 years ago by the MGM Studios prop department. Like most movie
props, they weren’t built to last. Now, the frayed shoes aren’t even ruby-
colored anymore — they’re more like a dull auburn.

The Smithsonian has asked the public to help save the slippers, launching
Kick starter campaign to raise $300,000
. In addition to restoring the shoes’
color, the money will go toward a technologically advanced display case that
will preserve them for future generations.

The Smithsonian’s museums are federally funded, but the institution frequently
solicits private and corporate contributions for major projects that its budget
doesn’t cover.

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