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On February 28, 1949, a puppet show called TIME FOR BEANY
debuted on KTLA-TV in Los Angeles. It became a huge success
and went national on the Paramount Television Network (PTN)
from 1950 to 1955. The show was created by animator Bob
Clampett, who later made it into the animated series BEANY
AND CECIL. Principal voice actors were Daws Butler and
comedian Stan Freberg.

Beany and Cecil 3
Main characters Beany Boy and Cecil, The Seasick Sea Serpent.

Beany and Cecil 4
Daws Butler is pictured with puppet’s Captain Horatio Huffen Puff and Beany, while Stan Freberg, background, has Cecil and the caped
villian, Dishonest John. Butler later became the voice of Hanna-
Barbera’s animated characters Yogi Bear, Quick Draw McGraw
and Huckle Berry Hound. 

Daws_Butler_(1976)          Stan f. now
              Daws Butler (1976)                         Recent pic of Stan Freberg

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  1. Bob with a capital B says:

    Bob, you are hitting all the shows that captivated me as a youngster in the greater LA area in the early 50’s. The great KTLA had fabulous live programming (during those days most everything was live).

    I also remember Cliffie Stone’s Hometown Jamboree, a live “Country & Western” show with performers of the day. I later became friends with Cliffie. A great guy who produced 16 Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford and made enough to buy a nice ranch in Canyon Country north of LA.

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