mission imp title card
lynda day george mission im.
On the CBS television network from 1966 – 1973.

lynda day george

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  1. If Chris could see how she deteriorated, and what she allowed herself to become, he’d spin in his grave! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THAT BEAUTIFUL, SEXY GIRL?!! She should be ashamed of herself!!!

    • alison says:

      They certainly haven’t…he’s be spinning

    • sunny says:

      I had dinner with Lynda last night and she looked lovely. And she is several years older than the photo. That is just a bad pic of her. She is a lovely woman. Outside and in.

  2. brian says:

    What are you, like 12 years old? She’s 67 years old – that’s an unstaged photo in natural light with no makeup or prep. She looks great. She’s somebody’s grandmother and she’s living a full life – away from the limelight or the media and other similarly shallow dweebs.

  3. JOE says:

    Yes I agree she looks like complete shit. Shallow dweebs? no were are just saying it like it is wake up jackass

  4. Tony C says:

    OY. The years have NOT been kind to Ms. Day George

  5. kayla says:

    you outta be ashamed of yourselves. we are all going to get old and we may not all be ravishing beauties when we get her age. so what. the real beauty is on the inside and none of you know what her heart is like. she is probably a very kind person. so think twice before you go belittleing someone.

  6. Len says:

    Happy Birthday Linda!. from an eternal admirer…

  7. Louis says:

    I have always thought she was perfect and still am in love with her she has always been my fantasy girl. And to lynda you look great!!!!!!

  8. Jeff says:

    Here is a quote attributed to her on her imdb page.

    “Age is the great leveler.”

    I don’t think she’s worried about it.

  9. Sally says:

    Even thou Linda looks different now than she did in the 70’s. She looks very good for her age. All you people out there making nasty remarks, you better pray you look as good as she does when your her age.

    • bp says:

      Admittedly there are other 66-year olds that look better, but I wonder how much of that is due to surgery. I hope to make it to 66, and if I do my appearance will likely not be my #1 concern.

  10. Bobby says:

    I’m guessing that the stone throwers are very gorgeous and will be forever, if only in their own mirrors.

  11. Robert S. says:

    I’m delighted at everyone’s passion for Lynda; myself included! A beautiful and obviously content with life woman. Cleopatra, Helen of Troy and Marylin can “Eat Their Hearts Out! ” Regards to Lynda’s fans.

  12. Neal Doty says:

    We love and miss you Linda. Julaine snd Neal Doty.

  13. Chuck Kopsho says:

    Gads! y’all need a wake-up call. I look nothing like I did in my teens, twenties, thirties, and forties. I’m aging as gracefully as I can. My hair is mostly white and I ain’t gonna use Just for Men, Grecian Formula, or Rogaine. I’m not afraid to get old, but, I sure hope I’ll still have that youthful exuberance.

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