adam 12 Milner and McCord
Martin Milner, left, played officer Pete Malloy and his partner was
officer Jim Reed played by Kent McCord, right. ADAM-12 was a
police drama created by Jack Webb and seen on NBC-TV from
1968 to 1975.


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  1. Charles Urella says:

    Martin, I am a hugh fan,and grew up watching you and Kent star in Adam 12. God Bless you guys ! Hope to meet you sometime.

  2. sid spurgin says:

    It is so good to see the “66” and “Adam 12” reruns again. At last, decent shows with decent actors, where are you Martin, we need you back. Thank you for sharing your talent with us all. In peace & appreciation, your # 1 fan, Sid Spurgin

  3. Marc Wilkinson says:

    Martin, thank you so very much for you career as 1Adam 12. Every day I watch the reruns right after Dragnet during the week and on weekends right before dragnet, your fan from Brooklyn New York

  4. bob buckley says:

    happy birthday, thanks for hours of good tv.

  5. Carlos Garcia says:

    Martin, I am a hugh fan of yours and Kent Mc Cord. I grew up watching you guys rock and roll. Thanks. I still watch every program i even have my 9 year old daughter watch it with me. I am now a Deputy Coroner with the County of Los Angeles. Iam hoping you guys can get together for a signing for autographs. Thank You and enjoy a great life.

  6. Shaleman says:

    Thanks for some great TV! Still love to watch Adam 12 on DVD. Nothing like it on tv today

  7. Joanne Hanson says:

    I hope you run this site, I’ve seen so many that others have done themselves and always wanted to let you know how much pleasure you have given me, then and now. Your not forgotten and I wish you all the best, happiness and love. Please write back if you can. Thank you for all your hard work just to make me and others happy. Yours truly, Joanne

  8. Martin says:

    Just finished watching another great Adam – 12 show. Thank you for bringing such great entertainment to us with your calm and present acting skills. I have such a good time watching the show today and everyday.

  9. As a child who grew up with working parents, I would watch Adam 12. The show had great story drama and convinced me that law enforcement was adventurous. Malloy and Reed were a dynamite team and today it would be a miracle to enjoy anything that compares. I miss the series, and miss those days of the 1960’s.

  10. I have to let you know how much pleasure your choice of shows has been to me. I still feel that way today. The kindness, caring, and strength you showed in your character was a strong influence for me to use concerning choices and recognizing in people what was right from wrong. I ,in my heart, truely believe you were not acting, but being yourself. Thank you for that. I still enjoy watching the reruns, thay take me to a good memory. Goodbye for now, please keep in good health,you are a very good actor and a loved man

  11. SONYA MORRELL says:

    My favorite show since the age of 7…I love you guys…Pray to meet you both…I miss those days, love the story line…With you too, I continue to believe in law enforcement.

  12. Bernie Boyer says:

    Martin and Kent you are a part of my life as i watched Adam 12 when i was a kid i still watch today.I would love some day to meet you guys.You are very special to me forever.Thank you for the memories.Take care of your self’s.

  13. Dennis R. Burks sr. says:

    im so greatful that u were in tv adam 12 is great i watch all of ur episodes on dvd now wouldnt miss them i treasure u guys and that show .

  14. Tony A. says:

    I was only 10 years old when i started to watch your tv series with the rest of the family,thank you for years of enjoyment sincerely, T.A.

  15. Karen says:

    Marty – I just found this website even though it is a couple years old. I just have to tell you that I absolutely love watching Adam-12 reruns every afternoon. If I know I wont be home, I record it. I remember watching them as a kid too. No one could have been better for Officer Pete Malloy than you! You are the best and I keep up with your page on Facebook. Judy is one lucky lady – for 56 years!! All the best to you and Judy – stay healthy!!!

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