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Malone’s film career began in the mid 1940s, and in her early years she played small roles, mainly in B-movies. After a decade in films, she became more popular as a
glamor image, particularly after her performance in Written on the Wind (1956),
which won her the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Her film career
peaked by the beginning of the 1960s, and she achieved later success with her
television role as Constance MacKenzie on Peyton Place on ABC-TV from 1964
to 1968. Less active in her later years, Malone returned to film in 1992 as Hazel 
Dobkins ( above) the friend of Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct.

dorothy young

Dorthy malone then

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  1. Dave Rogoway says:

    You dog…where did you get that more current shot!
    Good post. Mr Stump.

  2. jay payton says:

    I visited with the ever charming and beautiful Miss Dorothy Malone on her 86th Birthday! I informed her of her still interested and large fan base. She replied “that’s amazing after all these years.

    • Priscilla says:

      Miss Malone has been one of my favorite actresses since my high school days in the mid 1960’s. It was so amazing to finally find some up-to-date information about her.

  3. Barbara says:

    Was that Dorothy that I saw at the Caycous sea glass festival today? If so, she looks amazing, and if not, she has a beautiful look alike!

  4. Annette says:

    Loved Dorothy Malone in the Peyton Place series. She is truly a Hollywood legend.

  5. meg says:

    She still looks wonderful! I remember when a date once told me (I was was in my twenties) that I looked like Dorothy Malone. I was so flatterered, for she was so beautiful and at that time every guy’s dream girl. My husgan (age 65) still talks about one of the best roles ever was the one Dorothy Malone played in “Written on the Wind”. I was sexy!

  6. jay payton says:

    I returned to visit again with the ever charming and beautiful Ms. Dorothy Malone as she turned 87 on January 30,2012. She is happy and well and still amazed that fans are still interested in her and her career. She is a wonderful and beautiful lady.

  7. PAUL WHEATMAN says:

    Hmmmm Dorthy was and still is a very beautiful woman. Her eyes were gorgeous and the movement of her nostrils made her soooo sexy.

  8. BEKM says:


  9. Lromero says:

    Ms. Malone also starred in some great westerns. She was and is extremely beautiful and sexy. Happy 87th.

  10. Gary Ferguson says:

    Beautiful lady, would love to meet her and visit with her about her career.

  11. Joel Brodnickk says:

    She is one beautiful women and I would love to speak too her about her life. It must have been a tripm

  12. Jay Payton says:

    I saw Ms. Malone yesterday 07/31/2012. She was doing wonderfully and we watched some of the Olympics and talked of the recent passings of Ernst Borgnine, Celeste Holm and Tony Martin all of whom she knew and respected. She is still amazed and thrilled that people still remember her and admire her work. She is a wonderul and kind person and still has her beautiful smile and bright blue eyes.

  13. Razby says:

    I just saw the re-run of Written on the Wind since last seeing it when I was very young. Gee, those dancing scenes! Could she Rumba! They were sensational, and bloody sexy. And I’m a Woman!

  14. Betty Zadina says:

    Dorothy Malone been one of my favorites all of my life. I wish her Happy Birthday and Love for giving me the beautiful years of work. She was always so sexy!

  15. john fulton says:

    in the big sleep she gave a superb, subtle, coquettish performance as Bogart/s unexpected tryst partner.

  16. Jay Payton says:

    Saw Ms. Malone again on her 88th Birthday.She was all dressed in black with bracelets and necklace as she was prepared to have a birthday lunch with her daughters. Still a striking and beautiful lady at 88 years of age. HAPPY 88th BIRTHDAY..Dorothy…

  17. gay greene says:

    Ms. Malone has long been my favorite actress/star and my young granddaughter is also a great fan of hers. May she continue to enjoy the love and admiration of her public, and the love of her wonderful family,

  18. David Murr says:

    I saw Ms. Malone in The Day Time Ended. (I’m a fan of sci-fi movies) I had never seen her in anything before except Peyton Place when I was about 13 years old. She brought such a nice touch of class to The Day Time Ended and now I’m a fan and want to rent all her movies. I’m a new fan of hers now!

  19. su Rich says:

    Watching Dorothy Malone in The Last Sunset 1961 Weston with Rock Hudson,Kirk Douglas,they all look good ! Hard to believe its 55 years ago!

  20. Jay Payton says:

    Attended the 92nd Birthday Party of the ever beautiful and gracious Miss Dorothy Malone. Her daughters Mimi and Diane had her residence decorated with streamers, balloons. There were flowers and cards from all over the world wishing her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Several cakes for the family and friends at the come and go celebration. One of the last stars of Hollywood’s Golden Era. Miss Malone is still amazed that she is so well remembered and loved by her many fans worldwide. A great and wonderful day to remember.

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