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Jean Stapleton (born Jeanne Murray) is a character actress of stage, television, and film. Stapleton is best known for her portrayal of Edith Bunker , the long-suffering, yet devoted wife of Archie Bunker, played by Carroll O’Connor (above) and mother of Gloria Bunker Stivic, played by Sally Struthers, in the 1970’s sitcom All In the Family on CBS-TV. Stapleton was also seen as Edith Bunker in the All in the Family follow-up series
Archie Bunker’s Place. She left that show after one season.

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  1. Bill says:

    Happy Birthday Jean !

    For years I enjoyed your character “Edith Bunker.” I remember growing up and watching “All in the Family” with my parents as a teenager and even realized – -then – – that you were addressing many important issues through that show as a communication medium. In fact, I still watch the re-runs today and learn something about life in almost every episode !

    You really had a positive impact on me and the lives of so many people regarding how to live and treat others. If only the world had more like Edith Bunkers – -it would be a better place.

    Thank you so much for your tremendous contribution to the performing arts and to society.

    I’m sure you have been told this many times, but you have really done something significant with your life and am thankful to have been fortunate enough to have been around to see and learn from it.


    William LaMarca
    Arlington, Virginia

    • Clem Pinto says:

      You said it so well and eloquently. Thank you Biill

      Happy Birthday to the American Matriarch. May you live to be 120 years old but like a 20 year old. Thank you for enriching our lives. Your contribution and subsequent discussions made us what we are today. A just and better society.

      Clem Pinto

  2. Don says:

    Ypur acting in All in the Family was just suberb.I still enjoy all the shows today after all these years.they don’t make shows like that anymore.Thanks for all the great episodes,wish Caroll was still here,may he rest in peace.

  3. Sandy Burns says:

    Happy belated birthday! My daughter and I just love your character on All in the Family! We watch you every day, which comes on several times a day where I live. I remember watching you growing up, and I still love watching you now and with my daughter. You have brought laughter to my life and house when I was not too happy with life. Thank you for your excellent acting ability. May God bless you with health and many more years. There will never be another All in the Family or and Edith Bunker. The world needs more of Ediths to bring love, compassion and happiness to others, which would make this a better world to live in.

  4. Kathy Roeder says:

    I love All in the Family. I watched it in the 70’s and am still watching reruns today. The best show on TV then and now. I love your family, and your Edith was the best. I wish you guys were still making the show. My daughter and I love your family.

  5. Cherie Roberts says:

    dear Jean,
    You are like the mother I had for so little of a time in my life ( she passed away when i was 18). happy belated birthday and you will always be in my heart.

  6. Frank says:

    I am 75 and I am reliving my life with Archie and Edith.
    I find the characters a prophetic and anticpated bigotry of the world of 2012. How sad to see this and living in a nation that seems to ignore the past and fails to grow forward but seems to continue in the same modus operanti of the 1960’s. Kudos to the Bunker cast.

  7. Ken says:

    I loved you in ‘Airport,’ Ms. Stapleton. Thanks for all your great work.

  8. josh snell says:

    You did just fine Jean Thanks for the memories
    I am 78 Josh

  9. terry hirsch says:

    jean you and carroll are the best of the best. Unique in itself the archie bunker show, wish i could have congradulated you both for such a magnificant performance for all the years. I still watch you today as i did when i grew up at home . Terry Hirsch

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