yvette mimieux in the time machine
Yvette Mimieux is shown above in a scene from 1960 film version of H.G.
Wells’ classic novel, The Time Machine.  She was also in Where the Boys
, 1960. Yvette later appeared in many TV series and made-for-TV
movies. She is now an anthropologist and a real estate investor.

time-machine poster

yvette mimieux on life 1960  yvette mimieux

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11 Responses to “YVETTE MIMIEUX ~ 69th BIRTHDAY TODAY”

  1. In 1974 when I was flying for Gene Hackman and we were filming a movie in Guyamas Mexico called Lucky Lady. Yvette was married to Stanly Donen the director and flew to Mexico with us, when we landed in San Diego, Yvette bought me lunch, (I was the co-pilot) for Genes King Air. She was so nice, and I had admired her since about 1962. It was a real thrill. Her mom and dad came with us and they were also very nice. Great memories…

  2. Clark says:

    I always suspected that Yvette Mimieux would be one of the great and lasting beauties of the world. Her picture at 69 still shows a great beauty, Froim the comment above, it’s nice to know she is as nice as she is lovely.

  3. Nichael P says:

    YVETTE MIMIEUX , that was Weena from the ELOI.
    Nothing bad,just that sweet naive girl, everybody
    would help immediately.
    I often think about her and I wish her all the Blessings
    from Heaven and I am sure all Morlocks will die !
    Girls like Weena never need Morlocks,
    Let us say Goodby to all Morlocks,
    Weena is back home!!

  4. Shelly says:

    I have always “loved” you Yvette. You are such a beautiful woman. I saw the Time Machine again last night. I used to be afraid to watch it when I was young but now that I am old, it is ‘tame’ compared to movies on TV now. Everything is about the Supernatural and quite “scarey”.

  5. mike says:

    I have been a fan of yours forever. Timeless beauty you still look so lovely. Thankyou so much i still enjoy your work and watch you movies when ever i can. XOXO

  6. denis hartman says:

    yvette if this msg reaches you.?i was working for walt disney prod in sydney when you came here for the promo and preview of “the black hole”..i had the privelege of having to escort you and your”chaperone”to brisbane for the premiere in that state Queensland..I have four daughters the second eldest is named “yvette”after you..hope you are enoying good health and happiness..god bless..thanks for the memories denis hartman

  7. We have watch your movie the Light in the Piazza… and me and my friend Christia was amazed not only in the movie but also in your beauty.. i really admire you a lot, in fact, we watch it a month ago in the television, but we cannot forget you, you have a stunning beauty.. you are one of the most beautiful actresses in the world I’ve ever seen.. i hope you read this message.. God Bless you always, love Jen 🙂

  8. tom says:

    All of us young stallions fell in love with Weena and I in fact fell in love with my high school girlfriend who looked much like her perhaps because of the resemblance. I will always have a soft spot in my sole for Yvette as I still do for that beautiful look-a-like school crush

  9. Roxanne Hines says:

    I am 67 years old so you and I are of the same generation. I always admired you and thought you were so beautiful. My favorite movies were “Where The Boys Are”, “Joy In The Morning” and “Diamond Head”. I thought the Tahitian dance you did in Diamond Head was so seductive. I’m glad to see from your photo that you are still beautiful but I never doubted it because you were always a stunning natural beauty. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and all the other girls growing up in the 60’s.

  10. ken grant says:

    hi YVETTE I have watched the Time Machine so many times you were and still so lovely thank you so much I was only 15 at the time and wow what a impression you left

  11. River says:

    Time, time, time. Time creates, time destroys. How lovely it is, how terrible it is. The moment is forever. Eternity forever.
    This is the first time I see Yvette. I think to myself, beautiful can go through time and space.
    By the way, my name is River.
    It’s so nice to meet you.

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