Actress Michael Learned is best known for playing Olivia Walton on The  
Waltons ( CBS-TV from 1972 to 1981).She was billed as "Miss Michael
Learned" because she was relatively unknown at the time, and producers
did not want viewers confused about her gender. She was nominated for
six Emmy Awards and won three for her role on the show. She was also
nominated for four Golden Globe Awards.

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January 29, 1979

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6 Responses to “MICHAEL LEARNED IS 72 TODAY”

  1. Lili-Marlene Rose says:

    Did Michael Learned ever live in Ojai, CA?

  2. doreen hall says:

    Looking at all the series of the Waltons and love it, wish would be to meet you. Will need to just keeping wishing. l live in England, london. Love to you.

  3. vivian says:

    I wanted to have plastic surgery, but after seeing this, no way! NO WAY!

  4. Val Hibberd says:

    I have seen every episode of The Waltons. The show is utterly charming, but its nothing without Livie, John and John Boy – all are exceptional actors. I read Ms learned went to an Acting School in Tring – perhaps one day you might return to the English stage? You are inspiring in every way. Val, 4 April, 2013

  5. Paula Rabb says:

    Have just recently started watching The Waltons everyday. You are the clay of that family. Was sorry to recently here of Ralph Waite’s passing. he certainly wasn’t sore on the eyes.
    You’re a lovely woman and moving actor.
    I’ve noticed recently on some of the episodes they took the Miss off the intro.
    John Boy, Richard Thomas was a judge when I was in college for the Irene Ryan Scholarship Award. I won locally and went on to the Kennedy Center where he was also there representing the award program. Wow, did he have the bluest eyes and kindest nature.
    Now I’m in a Nursing Home and watching your series everyday. Never watched it when it ran in prime time.
    I wish life was like it was potrayed then. Funny.
    I hope you are well…you will always be beautiful in my eyes.

  6. Carol says:

    I have watched every show many times over… Miss Michael is a wonderful actress and played her part perfectly! I hope the show offers reruns forever! Love your beautiful picture!

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