BUD COLLYER (JUNE 18, 1908–SEPT. 8, 1969)

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Bud Collyer was a radio actor/announcer who became one of the nation’s
first major television game show stars. He is best remembered for his work
as the voice of Superman/Clark Kent in three media: radio, film and television.


Collyer’s best-remembered radio role arrived in early 1940: the title role in The Adventures of Superman on the Mutual Broadcasting System. 


to_tell_the_truth 2

In 1956, Collyer became equally, if not more, familiar as the host of a
new Goodson-Todman production, To Tell The Truth, on CBS-TV. 



Bud Collyer was host of Beat The Clock which ran on CBS from 1950
to 1958 and ABC from 1958-1961.

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