JAYNE MANSFIELD (APRIL 19, 1933–JUNE 29, 1967)

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After a June 28, 1967 evening supper club engagement in Biloxi, Mississippi, 
actress Jane Mansfield, accompanied by Sam Brody, her divorce lawyer and 
companion at the time, and their driver, Ronnie Harrison, along with the stars
three children Miklós, Zoltán, and Mariska, set out in Stevens’ 1966 Buick 
Electra for New Orleans, where Mansfield was to appear in an early morning
TV interview.

Before leaving Biloxi, the party made a stop at the home of a family that lived
nearby. After a late dinner with these friends, during which the last photos of 
Mansfield were taken, the party set out for New Orleans. On the morning of
June 29 at approximately 2:25 a.m., on U.S. Highway 90, their the car crashed
into the rear of a tractor-trailer rig that had slowed because of a truck spraying
mosquito fogger. The automobile struck the rear of the trailer and went under
it. Riding in the front seat, all of the adults were killed instantly. The children
who were seated in the rear survived with minor injuries.

jane and sam brody
Jane Mansfield and Sam Brody

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4 Responses to “JAYNE MANSFIELD (APRIL 19, 1933–JUNE 29, 1967)”

  1. Alain says:

    Triste destin… incroyable que ses enfants s’en sont sorti presque indemnes.
    Sa fille Mariska n’aurait gardé aucun souvenir de l’accident, à part une cicatrice au front.

  2. mikewolf says:

    Everyone remembers Jayne Mansfield as a bombshell with a 41″ chest, a sex symbol if you will. But the fact is this woman could speak 5 languages and was a trained Concert Violinist and Pianist, together with a high I.Q., so she was so much more than what she is mostly remembered for………it is such a shame that such a intelligent, gifted and beautiful woman was taking away from her children and the world way to soon! RIP Jayne……America still loves you…….sleep well darling!

  3. Savida says:

    Jane was the source of many a wet-dream & daydream, I wish that she had lived and tinto brass had used her in his movies!

  4. russ hook says:

    Mansfield was an MK’d Monarch sex slave/satanist, like the vast majority of the ‘celebs’ like Marilyn Monroe, MJ, John Lennon, Elvis,Tiger Woods, the list is endless…….

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