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Actor Richard Earl Thomas is best known for his role as budding author John-Boy
Walton in the CBS-TV drama The Waltons (1972-1981). Thomas was seven when
he made his Broadway debut in Sunrise at Campobello (1958) playing John Roosevelt, son of future U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. His television career began in 1959 when a appeared in A Doll’s House with Julie Harris, Christopher Plummer and Hume Cronyn. Richard then began acting in daytime TV, appearing in soap operas
such as The Edge of Night in 1961 and As the World Turns, 1966-1967. Thomas
received his first major roles in film, appearing in the  1969 pictures Winning with
Paul Newman and Last Summer with Barbara Hershey.

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  1. Kevin Dunn says:

    There is a episode were some other actor plays John boy, can you tell me why?

    • MWLane says:

      below is a quote I found on another website dated August 2010….I didn’t watch it much after grandpa passed I guess….but here is what someone else had to say…

      I watched The Furlough yesterday. This is the 3rd episode with Robert Wightman in the role of John Boy. The first 2 episode they were minor roles, but this episode John Boy is once again the focal point.

      To build up to my question. I can only find the ratings for The Waltons from seasons 1-6. I assume that the ratings for seasons 7-9 were poor.

      By this time there was such a change in personnel. Ellen Corby had a stroke that greatly limited what she could do, and was now making only guest appearances. She wasn’t the vinegary Ester Walton we all came to know. Will Geer had passed away and couldn’t return to the show. Richard Thomas had left the series making 4 episodes in the 6th season. Michael Learned left the show. So both grandparents were gone, the main character John Boy, and momma were gone as well.

      Will Geer, Ellen Corby and Michael Learned were not replaced by other actors. Was it a good idea to replace Richard Thomas as the main character of John Boy? Robert Wightman did a good job, and had he had the role from the beginning it would not be an issue. I think Richard Thomas is a better actor, and as I listened to the lines being acted out in words and body language I couldn’t help but realized that Richard would have brought more to John Boy’s character. Though Robert Wightman is a better singer. I don’t know if the viewers accepted Robert Wightman in the role of John Boy or not, I tend to think not since the ratings seemed to have dropped off.

    • Liz Thomas says:

      No relation..I was surprised that Richard Thomas is the same age as myself and being portrayed as a 17 year old on the first episodes of the Waltons. That was a tricky move for the casting director but it worked.
      I actually watch the Waltons and appreciate the show more now in my Autumn years than I did in my 20s.

  2. Jacki Edmonson says:

    Now in 2011, I am still hooked on the Waltons. John Boy was such a leader in the family. I wish there would be a reunion on TV. It would be so special.

  3. Linda Johnston says:

    I too, am so addicted to the Walton’s. Have bought all 9 Seasons and the Movie Collection as well. Can’t ever seem to get enough. I did not care for the new John Boy, but made it through watching it. Took a bit to get use to Rose and her grandchildren, and then just Rose being the part of the “Parent” while Olivia and John were gone, but the show to me was so strong, it kept my interest and I stayed with it. I too was in my 60’s when I started watching it, had I watched it during my early years, and the first airings of the series, I might of given up and moved on. But so glad I approached it this way. Still watch it on Cable every chance I get.

  4. Nana says:

    I watch the “Walton’s” every evening they are on. The show takes you back to a much slower lifestyle than we have now. What a positive program it was and still is.

  5. Hi Richard. I am. Patricia Marie–could you check my website and then contact me? You are an Old soul. We all need each other. Think World Peace. Much love and Peace

  6. Mary says:

    My family loves the show more now than when it first aired. even my 85 year old mothers loves the show and passes up on her soap operas to watch. It is the relaxed atmosphere after a living in our fast paced worlds. True the last season, with too many character changes at once, I didn’t like much and find harder to enjoy. But overall, love John Boy(the first read JohnBoy) and the earlier episodes. Wish someone would come up with a remake where Richard Thomas is now the dad and setting is of a slower relaxed time. Richard could play a teacher in a small community. Richard, if you see this, please consider. Saw him tonight on the movie Yesterday Today Tomorrow. Keep working!

  7. Mary Smith says:

    I watch The Waltons every day. It has always been one of my favorites. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life could be that simple. Oh how I long for the days of my childhood! John boy was an excellent actor. Nobody could have done his character justice.

  8. Dan says:

    I just met Mr Thomas in Washington D.C. I was standing next to him on the train and I asked if he was Richard Thomas.. He is VERY nice.

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