DAVE GARROWAY (JULY 13, 1913–JULY 21, 1982)

dave garroway 1 
dave and chimp 2

Dave Garroway was the founding host of NBC’s Today from 1952 to 1961. It
was the first and longest-running early-morning network show. His co-host was
a feisty, scene stealing chimp, named J. Fred Muggs (shown above).


Photos (top and bottom) from the first Today broadcast, January 14, 1952.  


Dave doing his famous signoff of the first show

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One Response to “DAVE GARROWAY (JULY 13, 1913–JULY 21, 1982)”

  1. Barby says:

    Wow….super interesting….the true ‘beginnings’ of the TODAY show on NBC….NICE post!

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