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Randy Sparks is a musician, singer-songwriter and founder of The New
Christy Minstrels and The Back Porch Majority. Prior to that, in the late
1950s he had a solo career and released two albums under the Verve
label, a self-titled album in 1958 and Walking the Low Road in 1959. In
1960 he formed a trio called "The Randy Sparks Three" and had an
album by that same name. He wrote the song "Today” which was a
hit for the New Christy Minstrels for their 1964 album of the same
title for Columbia Records.

Randy Sparks wrote "Green, Green" with Barry McGuire for the
1963 album Ramblin. 

The New Christy Minstrels then

new christy minstrels
Today’s group

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  1. Gary Forsberg says:

    I have a picture from the late 60s of the NCM, given to me by Gary Fishbaugh. I’d like to identify all the members in the picture, but haven’t had much luck.

  2. Don says:

    Hi I am looking for an old song done in the 50’s by Randy Sparks Trio or (three) on a Verve recording and the song on the back. This song is Julianne, a very beautiful song.

    If you can help me with this I would be most grateful.
    Many thanks,

  3. Don says:

    I am still looking for Julianne and email is: flatbushdoc@gmail.com

  4. Ralph Knapp says:

    Happy Birthday Randy.
    Thank you for all you’ve done

  5. Ralph Knapp says:

    Happy Birthday Randy
    Thanks for all you’ve done!

  6. Dec Dunphy says:

    And this year you must be 80, Randy! Whilst only a callow youth of 64 m’self, I salute the writer of ‘Today’
    Keep well.

  7. Herman says:

    “today” is a lovely song

  8. Panpan says:

    I know this is a late comment, but isn’t that John Denver in the top photo?

  9. Walt Dawson says:

    A bit of nostalgia from another 80-year-old: remember pulling security watches at the Main Gate, San Diego Naval Station? And a few years later, when I was in school at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, I met you at a club in Frisco. B.J. Thomas was performing. I’ve always wondered what happened to you … just Googled you tonight and watched you on the Giselle Mackenzie show (1958). Those were the days!!!

  10. Walt Dawson says:

    I’m really glad and … impressed, that you are still doing what you did best. I love the music from that era! Can’t understand the lyrics(?) in the modern music. Whatever happened to the ‘sweet’ voices we matured with?

  11. Neil says:

    I have always wondered about the man who wrote the hauntingly beautiful song, “Today.” One of the most beautiful songs of the 1960’s, I have often wondered where the gorgeous melody and poignant lyrics originated. If I ever meet Randy Sparks, I will have to ask him that question and thank him for that gorgeous song.

  12. Tony Hodges says:

    Saw Randy in Scottsdale …early 70’s…incredible show…did a solo show, humor put to music. Wonder if any of that was recorded and available.

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