early view of troh's airport

The earliest view of Troh’s Airport is this 1935 aerial view taken by Henry
Troh from his CK Bird biplane showing the unique octagonal hanger.

troahs airport

An early 1946 aerial view of Troh’s Airport, before it became the Division
Street Airport
. It ceased operations by 1954.

Henry “Hank” Troh was a pioneer in Portland’s early days of civil aviation. From the
mid-1930’s until his death in 1968, Hank built & operated 3 separate airfields where
he made his living providing pilots with a full range of aviation services.

His first airport (above) was located at 181st and Division Street in Gresham on an
old dairy farm. Troh made the small landing facility for his CK Bird bi-plane. He grew
the airport business offering rides with the slogan ‘Time Flies, Why Don’t You?’.”

Henry Troh was recognized as the Guru of Flight by his students and friends, forging
the future of general aviation with his passion for flight.

“Henry Troh’s daughter, Viola Troh Gabel, has written a 350 page book detailing her
father’s aviation contributions entitled ‘Time Flies’.

Henry Troh
Henry Troh

troahs biplane

Possibly a late 1930s photo of Henry Troh’s 1931 CK Bird bi-plane in front
of the Airport barn / hangar. He was the first to land on the completed
surface of Portland International Airport with the plane.

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