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Nokie Edwards (Nole Floyd Edwards) is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 
guitarist with the instrumental rock band The Ventures. He continues 
to tour Japan annually with the group, primarily in winter.

The Ventures 1961

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  1. Phantom says:

    Happy Birthday Nokie!
    Bob Reisdorff ( Dolphin- Dolton Records ) once told me that the photo on the first Ventures LP was shot with members of the Liberty Records staff ( two of them from Distribution ) and NONE of the ” real ” Ventures were represented, as they were away” on tour ”
    I once met later- drummer Mel Taylor, standing out in front of Sunset Sound, having a fag (which eventually would kill him )
    Funny, when I first saw him from my car, I thought he was my friend Sonny Bono !
    Very kind, he invited me in for a ” listen ” to the drumming he was over-dubbing at Sunset Sound.
    He liked the fact that I knew about the early label-
    Blue Horizon.
    I once saw a quasi-royalty-statement from LP sales in Japan, it read:
    ” In 5 years, The Ventures have sold in excess of NINETEEN MILLION ALBUMS, out-selling Elvis AND The Beatles, and continue to tour here ”
    The Ventures and Fleetwoods were the BEST from Mister Reisdorff!
    All the best to you and yours.

    The Hollywood Phantom

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