THE ‘’BIG BLOW’’ OF 1962!


The scoreboard at Gresham High School

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  1. J.Cool, staff reporter says:

    J. Cool here with what I remember about the “Columbus Day Storm” here in Portland, OR.
    October 12th 1962 was a Friday and I was hustling to get my paper route done! You know, big football game! Dance after, and GIRLS! Did I mention GIRLS? Anyway, my route was in the area of the old Kaiser Hospital on Greely and as I was nearing the end of my route, it started to look like “rain”! Well hey, it was Oregon and what’s a little rain to an Oregonian? Ha, ha, ha! My house was on Washburne and Baldwin, two short blocks from Columbia Park and now done with my route, I was headed down Greely toward Lombard Street and home. The wind was already starting to blow REAL good! Well folks, I made it home, got my bike in the garage and was headed for the back door when the rain started and I mean it was coming down right now! Not, it’s starting to rain, I better hustle and get inside. I mean it was coming down hard! By the time I made in the house I was soaked and I didn’t have that far to walk from the garage to the back door! But I made it in just in time! Oh and by the way, Roosevelt’s football game was canceled that night! Bummer! No Football game! No dance! No GIRLS!

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