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(FoxNews) – When the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, the year ends – and so 
does the ordinary light bulb.

Jan. 1. marks the end of a seven-year effort to outlaw the ordinary light bulb,
thanks to a 2007 law that raised minimum efficiency standards for traditional 
incandescent bulbs far beyond what the technology can manage.

It’s lights out for the traditional light bulb, in other words, which was essentially
killed by that bill.

“The government started phasing out incandescent’s in 2010, starting with the
100-watt bulb, and then followed by the 75-watt,” explained Melissa Andresko, communications director for lighting-automation company Lutron.

“Come January 1, both the 60- and the 40-watt bulbs are going away. And
that’s really going to have the most impact on consumers because those are
the most popular incandescent bulb types right now,” according to Andresko.

Thomas Edison with his first incandescent light bulbs, 1880s

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