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              Bill Porter (September 9, 1932- December 4, 2013)

Born with cerebral palsy in San Francisco, CA, Porter moved to Portland. OR.
with his mother at a young age. Unable to gain employment due to his disability,
Porter never gave up and eventually convinced Watkins Incorporated, makers
of baking products and other household items, to give him a door-to-door sales
job. He sold Watkins products within a seven-mile route in the Portland area and
soon became a top salesman for the company.

Bill Porter’s successful determination brought him media attention across the U.S
when The Oregonian newspaper in 1995 ran a feature story about him. In 2002
a made-for-TV movie starring William H. Macy called Door to Door aired on TNT.

A long time friend, Shelly Brady, said “it wasn’t the disease that he fought that
killed him, it was a regular infection.


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