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Steve McQueen (above) behind the wheel during the chase scene.

(FoxNews) – One of the most legendary cars in Hollywood history may have
been found after nearly 50 years.

The 1968 classic “Bullitt” had two stars in it: Steve McQueen and his Highland
Green 1968 Mustang GT. A more iconic on-screen duo there never was…for
car lovers, at least.

However, there were actually two Mustangs used during filming: one kept neat
and tidy and another that did most of the dirty work during the movie’s chase
scene. The pampered star car was preserved and sold three times over the
years and is very privately owned today, while the stunt car was beaten up
so badly by the end of production that it was sent to the wrecking yard.

At least that’s what most people thought happened to it, but a member of
the Vintage Mustang Forum claims the car recently surfaced in Mexico. Its
exact location undisclosed.

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