Glen Campbell with daughter Ashley who played banjo on his final
studio album.

These days, the 81-year-old singer is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s and has
aphasia, which means he cannot speak or understand speech, according to his
daughter Ashley Campbell. But she said he is happy in a memory care facility
in Nashville.

"He is doing so much better than a lot of other people in his position," Campbell
said. "Instead of being scared and confused all the time, he is just happy and
loves being around people.

His final record album called ‘AdiĆ³s’ was released Friday and features songs
that Campbell has loved to sing, but never recorded, including songs made
famous by Bob Dylan, Linda Ronstadt and Johnny Cash. His longtime banjo
player Carl Jackson produced the album, which includes guest vocals from
Willie Nelson, Vince Gill as well as his daughter, who is also a musician and

The album was recorded shortly after his last tour ended in 2012, Campbell’s
family knew he might never get another chance to record.


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Glen Campbell during the recording session for his last album.

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