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Necco Wafers are a candy made by the United States-based New England Confectionery Company (
Necco). The wafers were first produced in 1847
and are considered by Necco to be its core product. Each roll of Necco
Wafers contains eight flavors:
lemon (yellow), lime (green), orange (orange),
clove (purple), cinnamon (white), wintergreen (pink), licorice (black), and
chocolate (brown). The ingredients in Necco Wafers are sugar, corn syrup,
gelatin, gums, colorings, and flavorings.

Oliver Chase, an English immigrant, invented a lozenge cutting machine
with which he produced the wafers. At the time of the Civil War,
 these were
originally called "hub wafers" and were carried by Union soldiers. In 1901,
Chase and Company merged with two other companies to incorporate the
New England Confectionery Company. By 1912 the wafers were being
advertised as "Necco Wafers", a name they still carry today.

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An artists depiction of Necco’s founder Oliver Chase in
1847 with his lozenge cutter machine.


The New England Candy Company factory is based in Revere, MA.

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