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Nancy Sue Wilson (February 20, 1937 – December 13, 2018)

Los Angeles (AP) – Nancy Wilson, the Grammy-winning "song stylist"
and torch singer whose polished pop-jazz vocals made her a platinum
artist and top concert performer, has died.

According to her manager and publicist Devra Hall Levy, Wilson, who
retired from touring in 2011, died after a long illness at her after a long
illness at her home in Pioneer town, a California desert community near
Joshua Tree National Park.

She received many nicknames including "Sweet Nancy", "The Baby",
"Fancy Miss Nancy" and "The Girl With the Honey-Coated Voice".

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Courtesy of Raab collection

(Fox News) – A rare piece of American history is up for sale, just in time for Christmas.

An original letter written and signed by President Abraham Lincoln in the
middle of the Civil War was recently discovered among a collection of family heirlooms belonging to the direct descendants of Mary Todd Lincoln.

Written four days before Christmas in 1863, it requests that Mrs. Lincoln’s
first cousin and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Craig, be allowed to safely return
to their cotton plantation in Arkansas, which was by then in Union territory.

“[I]t is my wish,” Lincoln writes “that they be permitted to do so, and that the
United States military forces in that vicinity will not molest them or allow them
to be molested, when within their power to prevent, as long as the said Mr. and
Mrs. Craig shall demean themselves as peaceful and loyal citizens to the United States.”

The letter was handed down from generation to generation, until it ultimately
ended up in the care of a descendant now living in the Midwest.     

It was recently acquired directly from that descendant by the Raab Collection,
and is now for sale for $60,000.

“Finding something from Abraham Lincoln that is still in the hands of the family
of the recipient is increasingly rare,” says Nathan Raab, the vice president of the Raab Collection. “Something of this importance and connection to Lincoln’s
family is very uncommon.”

And he would certainly know. The Raab collection has worked on the sale and preservation of many important historical documents, and with the families of
their authors, including Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant and Ronald
Reagan among others.

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today in history

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Saddam Hussein’s Underground Hiding Place.

Alive, Memes, and Spider: December 13, 2003: Deposed raqi
 leader Saddam Hussein is captured
 alive by US forces near Tikrit, lraq.
 #OperationRedDawn to: US Army
An Iraqi-American named Samir, who served as a translator for the Special Forces, is pictured pinning Hussein to the ground. Hussein was pulled from a spider hole along with a Glock 18C, an AK-47, and $750,000 in US bank notes. Credit: @todayinamericanhistory

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The first Trial of Saddam Hussein began on October 19, 2005. He was
sentenced to death November 5, 2006 and was executed (below) the following month on December 30.

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Richard “Dick” Wayne Van Dyke 93 years old today.

Dick Van Dyke is the Star of The Dick Van Dyke Show 
on CBS (1961 – 1966) and Diagnosis: Murder on CBS 
(1993 – 2001). He won a SAG Life Achievement award      
in 2012 and a Disney Legend Award in 1998. He also      
starred in the 1964 classic
Mary Poppins and was 
cast in the film’s sequel, Mary Poppins Returns.        


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