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Saddam Hussein’s Underground Hiding Place.

Alive, Memes, and Spider: December 13, 2003: Deposed raqi
 leader Saddam Hussein is captured
 alive by US forces near Tikrit, lraq.
 #OperationRedDawn to: US Army
An Iraqi-American named Samir, who served as a translator for the Special Forces, is pictured pinning Hussein to the ground. Hussein was pulled from a spider hole along with a Glock 18C, an AK-47, and $750,000 in US bank notes. Credit: @todayinamericanhistory

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The first Trial of Saddam Hussein began on October 19, 2005. He was
sentenced to death November 5, 2006 and was executed (below) the following month on December 30.

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Richard “Dick” Wayne Van Dyke 93 years old today.

Dick Van Dyke is the Star of The Dick Van Dyke Show 
on CBS (1961 – 1966) and Diagnosis: Murder on CBS 
(1993 – 2001). He won a SAG Life Achievement award      
in 2012 and a Disney Legend Award in 1998. He also      
starred in the 1964 classic
Mary Poppins and was 
cast in the film’s sequel, Mary Poppins Returns.        


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