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Alfred Carl Fuller began what was to become Fuller Brush Company in
a basement shop in
Somerville, Massachusetts. In 1906, he moved to
Hartford, Connecticut and founded the company.    

The company began with door-to-door sales of brushes of various
sorts, including hairbrushes with a lifetime guarantee for which they
are famous.

In January of 2018, Galaxy Brush of Lakewood, New Jersey, purchased
the name of Fuller Brush, including all trademarks and patents. Galaxy
Brush, now doing business as Fuller Brush, also acquired the iconic
and very famous name brand and trademarks of
Stanley Home

Fuller Brush Company History 1906-2017 RIP
Alfred Carl Fuller
(January 13, 1885 – December 4, 1973)

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  1. J.Cool, staff reporter says:

    Cool here…and where else would I be? The President wants us all to stay in our homes and be safe unless we are going to the doctor or the grocery store or still have a job that requires us to be on site. Now on to the “Fuller Brush Man” or as it was really “Brush Men”! There were so many more than just one. Can you imagine just one man covering the whole United States? It makes my feet tired just thinking about that feat…hehehe! Moving right along here, I remember the first time I saw a Fuller Brush man. It was September of 1952 and I had just started 1st grade. We had just moved into a new house and as was customary in those days, the Fuller Brush man stopped by our house to introduce himself to my mom and show her all of his handy brushes, which were good for so many things. Now my mom was the cleanest person I knew and right there on the front porch that day, a long lasting relationship was forged. I wish I could remember his name but I was only five years old and the only names I could remember longer than about two minutes were that of the Lone Ranger and of course his faithful Indian companion Tonto. Then there was Superman and a few other Saturday super heroes. Anyway he would come by about every six weeks or so and my mom would always need a new brush or two. I remember her favorite was the “toilet” brush which she used faithfully every day. “After all
    we use it every day so we must clean it every day” she would said and remember my mom was the cleanest person I knew! She also liked the long handle “bottle” brush! Like so many other folks back then we had our milk delivered because it was fresher that way. The milk came in tall bottles and when they were empty most folks just rinsed them out and left them to be picked up on the next delivery. Not my mom! She had to thoroughly wash them out using her long handle “bottle” brush, then she would put them out for pick up next delivery. Well that’s my Fuller Brush story! Thanks for letting me share it with you today. Stay safe and I’ll just leave you with this thought…I’m now the cleanest person I know and I sure do miss you mom!

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