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Babe Ruth, "The Bambino", ca. 1920, around the time he would've joined the Yankees ...
George Herman Ruth (February 6, 1895 – August 16, 1948)

On this day at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, baseball
great Babe Ruth hit his 714th home run — a record for career
home runs that would stand for almost 40 years. noted "This was one of Ruth’s last games, and the
last home run of his career.”

"Ruth went four for four on the day, hitting three home runs and
driving in six runs."

May 25, 1935 Photo of Babe Ruth Hitting His Final Home Run 714. #baberuth #bostonbraves #ruth #3 ...

Babe Ruth 714th Home Run ball – Works – eMuseum
Babe Ruth 714th Home Run Ball.

Babe Ruth of the Boston Braves hit this
baseball out of Pittsburgh’s Forbes Field
for his third home run of the day, and
the 714th and final round-tripper of his
major league career. The Pirates defeated
the Braves 11-7.

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Star Wars (1977) - Opening Scene [Stupid Edit] - YouTube

On May 25, 1977, Memorial Day weekend opens with an
intergalactic bang as the first of George Lucas’ blockbuster
Star Wars movies hit  American theaters.

The incredible success of Star Wars–it received seven Oscars,
and earned $461 million in U.S. ticket sales and a gross of
close to $800 million worldwide–began with an extensive,
coordinated marketing push by Lucas and his studio, 20th
Century Fox, months before the movie’s release date. “It
wasn’t like a movie opening,” actress Carrie Fisher, who
played rebel leader Princess Leia, later told Time magazine.
“It was like an earthquake.” Beginning with–in Fisher’s words–
“a new order of geeks, enthusiastic young people with sleeping
bags,” the anticipation of a revolutionary movie-watching
experience spread like wildfire, causing long lines in front of
movie theaters across the country and around the world.

Opening of star wars 1977 | Δύναμη

Star Wars (1977) (lobby card USA) | Star wars 1977, Star wars movies posters, Star wars

Star Wars (1977) - Movie stills and photos - 2020

Star Wars Collection - Posters — The Movie Database (TMDb)

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