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The Day the Music Died | Music To My Ears

F*** Yeah Buddy Holly!

February 3, 1959 – The Day the Music Died: Photos From the Plane Crash That Killed Buddy Holly ...

The day the music died: Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & Big Bopper killed in plane crash (1959 ...

Buddy Holly's Glasses Were Found In Iowa 21 Years After His Death | History Daily

Feb 3, 1959 -- the day the music died | Memorial at the cras… | Flickr

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North American Sabreliner

The U.S. State Department angrily accused the Soviet Union of
shooting down an unarmed T-39 Sabreliner aircraft of the United
States Air Force (similar to above) while on a training mission
over Erfurt, East Germany, by a MiG-19 jet fighter of the Soviet
Air Force. Three U.S. officers aboard the plane were killed in the

According to the U.S. military, the jet became disoriented by a
violent storm that led the plane to veer nearly 100 miles off

The Soviet attack on the plane provoked angry protests from
the Department of State and various congressional leaders,
including Senator
Hubert H. Humphrey, who charged that the
Soviets had intentionally downed the plane “to gain the
offensive” in the aggressive Cold War maneuvering.

For their part, the Soviets refused to accept U.S. protests and
responded that they had “all grounds to believe that this was
not an error or mistake…It was a clear intrusion.”

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 - The Civil Rights Act of 1964: A Long Struggle for Freedom ...
Hubert Horatio Humphrey Jr.
(May 27, 1911 – January 13, 1978)

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This Day in History: Challenger Disaster - One News Page VIDEO

Just an Earth-Bound Misfit: The Rantings of an Aging, Armed, Pinko Chick

At 11:38 a.m. EST, on January 28, 1986, the space shuttle
Challenger lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and
Christa McAuliffe is on her way to becoming the first
ordinary U.S. civilian to travel into space. McAuliffe, a
37-year-old high school social studies teacher from New
won a competition that earned her a place
among the seven-member crew of the Challenger. She
underwent months of shuttle training but then, beginning
January 23, was forced to wait six long days as the
Challenger‘s launch countdown was repeatedly delayed
because of weather and technical problems. Finally, on
January 28, the shuttle lifted off.

Seventy-three seconds later, hundreds on the ground,
including Christa’s family, stared in disbelief as the
shuttle broke up in a forking plume of smoke and fire.

Millions more watched the wrenching tragedy unfold on
live television. There were no survivors.

spectators at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral,
Fla. react after they witnessed the explosion of the space
shuttle Challenger.

This November 1985 file provided by NASA shows the crew of the U.S space shuttle Challenger. Front row, from left: astronauts Mike Smith, Dick Scobee, Ron McNair; back row, from left: Ellison Onizuka, schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe, Greg Jarvis and Judith Resnik.

This photo provided by NASA shows the crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger mission 51L. Front row from left are
Michael J. Smith, Francis R. (Dick) Scobee, and Ronald E. McNair. Front row from left are Ellison Onizuka, Christa McAuliffe, Gregory Jarvis, and Judith Resnik. (NASA/AP)


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The Lakewood Scoop » Yitzchok Saftlas to Interview Captain “Sully” Sullenberger of “Miracle on ...

Biden nominates 'Miracle on the Hudson' pilot Sully Sullenberger to aviation ambassador post

Chesley Burnett "Sully" Sullenberger III is 73 years old today. 

Sully is a retired Air Force fighter pilot, diplomat, and airline
pilot best known for his heroism as
captain of US Airways
Flight 1549
that he ditched in the Hudson River in 2009 after
both engines were disabled by a
bird strike
. All those aboard
the aircraft survived the ordeal.

Why the 'Miracle on the Hudson' in the new movie Sully was no crash landing
Passengers stand on the wings of a US Airways Flight 1549
after it landed in the Hudson River, New York, January 15,

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Incredible Video: Miracle on the Hudson Captured by Con Edison Camera -  YouTube
Con Edison security camera captures U.S. Airways flight
1549 landing on the Hudson River.

On January 15, 2009, a potential disaster turned into a heroic
display of skill and composure when Captain Chesley Burnett Sullenberger III safely landed the plane he was piloting on
York City
’s Hudson River after a bird strike caused its engines
to fail. David Paterson, governor of New York at the time, dubbed
the incident the “miracle on the Hudson.”

Sullenberger, a former Air Force fighter pilot with decades of
flying experience, received a slew of honors for his actions,
including an invitation to
Barack Obama’s presidential
inauguration and resolutions of praise from the U.S.

10 Years After the Miracle on the Hudson, Are Flights Any Safer?

Hudson Crash Story: Best Headline?

Remembering the Miracle on the Hudson - YouTube

9 Miracle on the Hudson ideas | sully, hudson, chesley sullenberger

Sully' Sullenberger: We saved 155 lives in the Miracle on the Hudson. Now  let's vote for leaders who'll protect us all.
Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III, pilot of US Airways Flight

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