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Vice President Al Gore (above) conceded defeat to George W. Bush
in his bid for the presidency, following weeks of legal battles over
the recounting of votes in
, on December 13, 2000.     

In a televised speech from his ceremonial office next to the White
, Gore said that while he was deeply disappointed and
sharply disagreed with the
Supreme Court verdict that ended
his campaign, ”partisan rancor must now be put aside.”

“I accept the finality of the outcome, which will be ratified next
Monday in the Electoral College” he said. “And tonight, for the
sake of our unity as a people and the strength of our democracy,
I offer my concession.”

Gore had won the national popular vote by more than 500,000
votes, but narrowly lost Florida, giving the
Electoral College to
Bush 271 to 266.

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See the source image
George W. Bush (left) shakes hands with Al Gore.

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