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On This Day in 1942, the K-9 Corps was Formed; It is K-9 Veterans Day – THE SACRAMENTO RAINBOW ...

On March 13, 1942, the Quartermaster Corps (QMC) of the United
States Army began training dogs for the newly established War
Dog Program, or “K-9 Corps.”

Well over a million dogs served on both sides during World War
, carrying messages along the complex network of trenches and
providing some measure of psychological comfort to the soldiers.

The most famous dog to emerge from the war was Rin Tin Tin,
an abandoned puppy of German war dogs found in France in
1918 and taken to the United States, where he made his film
debut in the 1922 silent film The Man from Hell’s River. As the
first bona movie star, Rin Tin Tin made the little-known German
fide animal Shepherd breed famous across the country.

K-9 Corps Department - Premier Emblem manufactures emblems, insignia, and accessories

Rin Tin Tin: From Battlefield To Hollywood, A Story Of Friendship : NPR
         Rin Tin Tin

‎The Man from Hell's River (1922) directed by Irving Cummings • Film + cast • Letterboxd

Chips: War Dog Hero of the 3rd Infantry Division | Defense Media Network
Three dogs are trained for guard duty at Camp Atterbury, Ind.
U.S. Army photo

The K-9 Corps. Chips was one of them. He was the top canine hero of World War II (9513740) 75 years ago today, U.S. Army launches K-9 Corps after 30 different breeds ...

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Authorities in Florida say a police dog was shot
and killed while chasing an armed carjacking suspect.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said in social media posts that the K-9 dog
named Fang died early Sunday.

The sheriff’s office said the suspect was apprehended by another K-9 dog at
the scene and arrested. The suspect’s name was not immediately released.

Fang was a 3-year-old German shepherd that performed both patrol and bomb-detection duties.

According to the sheriff’s office, Fang patrolled special events and football
games and "captured some of the most dangerous criminals" in Jacksonville.

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The Portland Police Canine Memorial Statue that was Dedicated


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Argos End of Watch June 5,1987.                            Mick


The Portland, Oregon Police Bureau’s Canine Unit hosted an open house
and dedication ceremony for the newly created Canine Memorial, located
in front of the Canine Unit office and public safety building at 4735 East
Burnside Street, formerly Southeast Precinct. 

The memorial project was made possible through countless hours of 
work by local artist Richard A. Moore III, as well as many donors, such
as the Portland Police Historical Society and Adventist Credit Union,
following the tragic shooting death of Portland Police K-9 Mick (above)
in 2014.


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