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New Chronicles of Rebecca – originally checked out from Boise’s Carnegie Public Library in 1910! – was recently returned. With a
fine of two cents per day for 111 years, whoever checked out this
book would owe $803–thank goodness the Boise Public Libraries
are now fine free!

That’s what the Boise Public Library let its patrons know when a
book returned to its facility more than a century later.

The book in question – the "New Chronicles of Rebecca" by Kate Douglas
Wiggin is the sequel to Wiggin’s first fictional novel "Rebecca of Sunnybrook 
Farm." Both books were published in the early 20th century (1903 and1907) 
(and followed the life of Rebecca Rowena Randall, who  grows up in rural

According to the book’s internal library slip, the book had been borrowed
a total of 15 times before it went missing from the Carnegie Public Library.




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UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, Ohio (AP) — After nearly five decades of
blowin’ in the wind, a double
Bob Dylan album finally has a
direction home: A man living in San Francisco has mailed the
vinyl back to an Ohio library 48 years after it was supposed to
be returned.

Howard Simon recently sent the album along with a letter to
Heights Libraries apologizing for his tardiness, according to a
news release from the library system outside Cleveland.

Simon checked out Dylan’s "Self Portrait" album in 1973 as an
eighth-grader at a University Heights middle school. Simon,
now 73, says he found it between two other Dylan albums in
his personal vinyl collection.

"The funny thing about this is that we don’t charge overdue
fines anymore–as long as we get the item back, we see no
need to penalize people," branch manager Sara Phillips was
quoted as saying. "We’re grateful that Mr. Simon returned the
record. I’d said we can now call it even."

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Bob Dylan in 1973

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Bob turned 80 on May 24th.

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