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(AP) – The United States Postal Service officially announced the
price of Forever stamps and other postage will go up on Jan. 22,
2023. The move has been anticipated for months after Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said in August that increases would be
necessary to keep up with costs. Inflation was expected to add
$1 billion to the Postal Service’s operating budget. 

The USPS plans to increase prices of affected postage by 4.2%,
which amounts to a few cents per stamp. The cost of a Forever
stamp would go up 3 cents, from 60 cents to 63 cents. The price
of Forever stamps just went up in July from 58 cents to 60 cents.

A year ago, the stamps cost 55 cents.

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Postmaster general Louis DeJoy (65).

US #1 First postage stamp

On July 1, 1847 Congress authorized our
first prepaid postage stamps so that the
sender, rather than the recipient, paid for
the delivery of the letter.

Our first Postmaster, Benjamin Franklin,
was the first person in the  world other
than a head of state to be on a stamp.
US Scott #1 5¢ Franklin (above).

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The Post Office Department issued its first postage stamps
on July 1, 1847.

Initial United States postage rates were set by
Congress as part
of the
Postal Service Act
signed into law by President George Washington on February 20, 1792. The postal rate varied according
to "distance
 zone", the distance a letter was to be carried from the
post office
where it entered the mail to its final destination.

Rates were adopted in 1847 for mail to or from the Pacific Coast
and in 1848 for mail sent from one place in the west to another
place in the west. There were double and triple rates as a letter’s
size increased. There were ship fees which were also added
(i.e. mail to Hawaii). The ship fee, including the ship rate on letters
for delivery at the port of entry, were on a per letter basis, rather
than weight. The United States issued its first postage stamps in
1847. Before that time, the rates, dates and origin of the letter
were written by hand or sometimes in combination with a
handstamp device.

George Washington has appeared on more U.S. postage stamps
than any other person.

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The Van Nuys Civic Center postal depot will be renamed the Marilyn
Monroe  Post Office.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — President Donald Trump has signed resolutions
renaming two post offices in the Los Angeles area in honor of Marilyn
Monroe (shown above) and rock ‘n’ roll legend Ritchie Valens located
in Pacoima..

The Los Angeles Daily News reported Thursday that the Van Nuys Civic
Center postal depot will be renamed the Marilyn Monroe Post Office.

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Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane Mortenson)
(June 1, 1926 – August 4, 1962)

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Ritchie Valens (Richard Steven Valenzuela)
(May 13, 1941 – February 3, 1959)

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On this day in 1775, the U.S. postal system is established by the Second Continental Congress, with Benjamin Franklin as its first postmaster
. Franklin (1706-1790) put in place the foundation for many
aspects of today’s mail system

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The United States Postal Service announced that it is issuing a new commemorative stamp honoring the late President George H. W. Bush.

The stamp, which is now available for pre-order, will be available for
delivery following a first-day-of-issue ceremony, which will be held on
Bush’s birthday, June 12, at the
George H.W. Bush Presidential Library
and Museum (shown below). Bush died November 30, 2018 at the age
of 94.

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