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As new formats like DVD, Blu-ray, and now Ultra HD Blu-ray have brought
better picture quality, sound, and room for special features, most people
have moved away from the VCR. As a result, it’s finally time to say goodbye
to the home video progenitor for good.

Funai, the last remaining manufacturer of the VCR, will cease production of
the players by the end of the month, according to Japanese newspaper The
(via Anime News Network). The company is citing a declining market
and increasing difficulty in sourcing parts as the reasons behind the decision.

JVC developed the VHS format and began selling the first VCRs in 1976,
while Funai began selling its first models in 1983. Betamax players, a format
developed by Sony, were released in Japan in early 1975 and discontinued
in 2002.


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