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Many nations around the world observe some kind of Armed
Forces Day to honor their
forces. Armed Forces Day
is a joint
celebration of all six branches of the U.S. military:
Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, and the
newly created Space Force. The day honors all those who
are currently serving in the U.S. armed forces. This includes
the men and women who have served or are serving in the  

Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Space Force and Coast
Guard, including the National Guard and Reserve components.

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Slide 1 of 13: Mask-wearing was enforced during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, but many refused, citing the government mandates as threats to their civil liberties.Men needed more convincing to wear masks than did women.Men didn't practice proper personal hygiene and also thought wearing masks was too feminine, so public health officials set forth to rebrand personal hygiene as a display of red-blooded patriotism.Men and boys were primarily depicted in public health advertisements and cartoons during the 1918 pandemic when the Spanish flu swept the nation.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.As the Spanish flu swept through the US in 1918 and 1919, face masks became ubiquitous to help in preventing the spread of the disease, much as they have today during the coronavirus pandemic.However, many refused to wear them in 1918, saying that government-mandated mask enforcement violated their civil liberties. An "Anti-Mask League" was even formed in San Francisco to protest the legislation.But men, it turns out, needed more convincing than did women to heed the advice of public health officials.Some men associated masks with femininity, and behaviors like spitting, careless coughing, and otherwise dismissal of hygiene made men the "weak links in hygienic discipline" during the 1918 pandemic, according to a 2010 report published in the US National Library of Medicine. So public health leaders rebranded personal care as a display of patriotism and duty to incentivize men to wear masks."The influenza pandemic offered a teaching moment in which masculine resistance to hygiene rules associated with mothers, schoolmarms, and Sunday school teachers could be replaced with a more modern, manly form of public health, steeped in discipline, patriotism, and personal responsibility," reads the report.It's yet another instance of history rhyming. Fast forward to the present-day coronavirus pandemic and anti-lockdown protests dot the US, with many  — men and women — refusing to wear masks and citing their civil liberties as a reason for defying public health orders.Many of the adverts and public health messaging during the 1918 pandemic encouraging the public to practice good hygiene depicted men and young boys. Here's what some of them looked like.Read the original article on Business Insider  

These surprisingly relevant vintage ads show how officials tried to
convince people to wear masks after many refused during the 1918
flu pandemic.

Mask-wearing was enforced during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic,
but many refused, citing the government mandates as threats to
their civil liberties.
Men needed more convincing to wear masks than did women.

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This Day in History: 05/14/1804 - Lewis and Clark Depart - HISTORY

One year after the United States doubled its territory with the Louisiana
, the Lewis and Clark expedition left St. Louis, Missouri, on a 
mission to explore the Northwest from the Mississippi River to the
Pacific Ocean.

Even before the U.S. government concluded purchase negotiations with
France, President
Thomas Jefferson commissioned his private secretary Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, an army captain, to lead an expedition
into what is now the U.S. Northwest. On May 14, the “Corps of Discovery”
–featuring approximately 45 men (although only an approximate 33 men
would make the full journey)–left St. Louis for the American interior

  • What Did Explorers Lewis and Clark Do When They Got Back To St ...

                       Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

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Chronicle Covers: The discovery of the Lindbergh baby's body ...

The body of aviation hero Charles Lindbergh’s baby is found on May 12,
1932, more than two months after he was kidnapped from his family’s
New Jersey, mansion.

Lindbergh, who became the first worldwide celebrity five years earlier
when he flew The Spirit of St. Louis
across the Atlantic, and his wife
Anne discovered a ransom note in their 20-month-old child’s empty
room on March 1. The kidnapper had used a ladder to climb up to the
open second-floor window and had left muddy footprints in the room
and in barely legible English, the ransom note demanded $50,000.

The crime captured the attention of the entire nation. The Lindbergh
family was inundated by offers of assistance and false clues. Even
Al Capone offered his help from prison, though it of course was
conditioned on his release. For three days, investigators had
found nothing and there was no further word from the kidnappers.

Then, a new letter showed up, this time demanding $70,000.


10 Fascinating Facts About Charles Lindbergh - HISTORY

Charles Lindbergh - Flight, Kidnapping & Death - Biography
Charles Augustus Lindbergh
(February 4, 1902 – August 26, 1974)

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  Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara on the Ed Sullivan Show, 1966 ...
Jerry Stiller, comedian and 'Seinfeld' actor, dies at 92 - ABC News
Jerry Steller (Gerald Isaac Stiller) (June 8, 1927 – May 11, 2020)

Comedian, actor, and author Jerry Steller spent many years as part of the
comedy duo Stiller and Meara along with his wife, Anne Meara, whom he
was married to for over 60 years, until her death in 2015. In recent years
Jerry Steller was best known for his roles on “Seinfeld”(NBC) and “The
King of Queens” (CBS). His son comedian Ben Steller announced
via Twitter Monday his father died of natural causes.

Jerry Stiller, Comedian and 'Seinfeld' Actor, Dies at 92 – NBC Boston
From left: Ben Steller with his father Jerry Steller.

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