kraft theatre kraft theatre sean
Kraft Television Theatre aired a series of drama’s weekly from 1947 to
1958 on NBC. It launched the careers of many actors,directors and

Westinghouse Studio One began as a CBS radio drama series
in 1947 and moved to CBS-TV in 1948. It ran for ten seasons.   

betty furness
Former film actress,TV host and later,consumer advocate Betty
Fruness stands beside an open Westinghouse refrigerator on
the set during a live commercial break from a 1956 episode of
Westinghouse Studio One.

playhouse 90 title card
playhouse 90 2
PLAYHOUSE 90 was another great dramatic television series. It
aired on CBS –TV from 1956 to 1961 for a total of 133 episodes.
One of the writers for the series was… Rod Serling.

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