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Actress Candice Patricia Bergen is a former fashion model is best known for
starring roles in two TV series, the CBS sitcom Murphy Brown (1988-1998),
for which she won five Emmy Awards ands two Golden Globe Awards, and the
ABC comedy-drama Boston Legal (2004-2008). She starred in several major
films throughout the mid 1960s to early 1980s such as The Sand Pebbles
(1966), and Gandhi (1982) and received an Academy Award nomination
for her role in Starting Over (1979). Bergen’s later career includes a role
in the 2000 film Miss Congeniality.

candice and father

A young Candice Bergen in 1966 with her father Edgar
Bergen and his puppet Charlie McCarthy

Sand Pebbles, The - Candice Bergen 01
Candice Bergen in The Sand Pebbles

Candice in Gandhi

starting over
Bergen in Starting Over

chanel ad caudice burgen
1966 ad with Candice Bergen

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