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                            Lawrence Welk 
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It was in 1951 that Lawrence Welk, an accordionist and bandleader settled in
Los Angeles, Cal. and soon began producing The Lawrence Welk Show on the local TV station KTLA. It was broadcast from the Aragon Ballroom in Venice Beach. The show became a local hit and was soon picked up by the ABC TV network in June of 1955. Band members were called The Champagne Music Makers and included Accordionist Myron Floren, Violinist Dick Kesner, Guitarist Buddy Merrill and Clarinetist Pete Fountain. The Lennon Sisters were also regulars along with Welk’s dancing partner Norma Zimmer. The Lawrence Welk show aired on Saturday nights until it was cancelled in the Spring of 1971.

l. welk cancing
Lawrence Welk dancing with Norma Zimmer, “The Champagne Lady”.

                    The Lennon Sisters with Lawrence. 








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