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anita bryant

Anita Jane Bryant is a singer, gay rights opponent, and a former beauty queen. She became Miss Oklahoma in 1958 and was a second runner-up in the 1959 Miss America Beauty Pageant at age 19, right after graduating from High School. During her music career, Anita scored four Top 40 hits  in the late 1950s and early 1960s, including
"Paper Roses", which reached #5. Today, Anita Bryant does charity work for various
youth organizations while heading Anita Bryant Ministries International.

anita as miss Okl.
Anita Bryant as Miss Oklahoma

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  1. John says:

    She is so beautiful, then and now.

    • Arddy says:

      The juxtaposition of such hatred and such beauty is incredible. If her acceptance of others was 1/2 her (former) beauty, she, her husban and the world would have been better off

  2. Barry Pryor says:

    You are a beautiful lady, a great voice, and so brave to swim against such a tide of unnatural people. Your place in the hearts of so many is solidly fixed and cannot be replaced…. Love You!!!

  3. tommy says:

    She’s a bigot who will rot in hell.

  4. Rodeo Arceo says:

    I will never your sweet voice and good perfomance. I still listen to your In my little corner of the world which I dream to use as theme song for a movie. Hope to revive that beautiful song again this 2012

  5. Keith says:

    if a god was handling things, this poor, sick, homophobic, bigoted ignuramous would surely not still be around to cause more pain, hurt more people, and rip of more ministry members and tradesmen. It is usual to feel good that someone has successfully reached another birthday, but I can only feel sad that the world has not yet recycled this particularly vicious trash.

  6. kamill says:

    Poor woman.. She’s propably very unhappy woman. That’s because she hates people.
    We, gays from Poland pray for her. She needs our forgiving before she died.

  7. jeanneclements says:

    Dearest Anita, I was one of the ones who was against you, now I am 63 yrs. old. I’ve been saved and I know now you were doing Christ’s work & even now your show of faith, you never backed down. I am going to buy a cd of your beautiful voice and words, I hope you read this, you are an insiration.Love your sister in Christ Jeanne

  8. EUGENE says:


    • Arddy says:

      Lets be real – she’s human – good points, bad points – she has helped people and she has hurt people – a garden variety human being. Get real

  9. Richard Kennedy says:

    She is a sad ugly woman who needs to reflect on the gay youths who suicided because of her. I hope she never finds peace. Bigot.

  10. EUGENE says:


  11. Pam says:

    God bless you, Anita! I grew up in Florida – you are brave and you have stood for what God teaches us in His Word. Your example shows us we do not need to fear what man may say or do, what matters is that God finds us pleasing to Him. Homosexuality, adultery, bigamy, any kind of sexual perversion is sin – God loves and can forgive.

  12. Thom says:

    Poor Anita darling, if she only knew then what she knows now, she would have NEVER went on her little crusade. She might have won a battle, but she sure did lose the war! She’d give anything to be back in Miami, with her orange bird, selling her orange juice. Too bad Anita, you can’t go back ever Just accept the fact you screwed yourself royally.

  13. Biggen says:

    Just because she pointed out that homosexuality is a sin doesn’t make her a hater. Come on, people.

  14. william says:

    Anita was a sad, sorry hack who picked on homosexuals because they were a small and vulnerable minority that was easy to take on and very popular to bash in the name of God. She used them in a selfish way to make herself more popular, not because she thought it was right, she was completely selfish and used others misery to get it. She selectively prostitutes passages of the Bible to hypnotize the gullible and stupid into believe her antiquated bigotry. I don’t see her championing slavery or polygamy that was rampantly condoned in the Bible because anyone with half a brain cell wouldn’t tolerate that crap. She spent so much of her early life focused on judging other’s “sins” and forgot the teaching that he who is without sin should cast the first stone that she forgot to work on her own spiritual needs and thought that her ego grew to where she thought she was this omnipotent, sanctimonious woman of god yet she was really doing the devil’s work. Now look at her, she’s a lonely, ugly, fat, gluttonous fool whose only fans are the same bigoted type that will die along side her any day now because they’re all in their geriatric years too consumed with dementia to know that the world has evolved to a more beautiful and accepting place without them.

  15. AG says:

    Anita Bryant; a lovely & wholesome American woman, and still looking great at 71.

    We love Anita Bryant!

  16. Nancy says:

    Anita, happy belated birthday. Thank you for sharing your music with us and of course, your faith in Christ as well. We love you Anita!

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