funeral tain

 funeral car
The funeral car

Following his assassination, the body of President Abraham Lincoln was brought
from Washington, D.C. to its final resting place in Lincoln’s hometown of Springfield, Illinois, by funeral train (above), accompanied by dignitaries. Lincoln’s eldest son
Robert Todd rode the train to Baltimore and then disembarked and returned to
the White House. The remains of his son, William Wallace Lincoln, were also
placed on the train.

The funeral train left Washington, D.C., on Friday, April 21, 1865 at 12:30 pm and
traveled 1,654 miles to Springfield, arriving on May 3, 1865. Several stops were
made along the way, in which Lincoln’s body lay in state.

Lincoln’s wife Mary Todd Lincoln remained at the White House, too distraught to
make the trip; she returned to Illinois a month later. The President was interred
at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield.

lincoln's body


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