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The July 24, 1965, issue of TV Guide with a painting of Perry Mason
on the front (above). “Raymond Burr: Alone on a Treadmill,” the
cover line declared. In the feature story, “Pleading His Own Case”
by Dwight Whitney, we learned that Burr took several trips to
Vietnam to entertain the troops as part of the USO. It goes on to
say that during his third trip, the TV star suffered a severe
shoulder injury when the helicopter transporting him came under
fire. (MeTV)


Raymond Burr as Perry Mason with a cast on his right arm in “The
Case of the Loquacious Liar.”


Larry Borschel and Raymond Burr | |
Lance Cpl. Larry Borschel (right) met actor Raymond Burr when
Burr visited Vietnam in May 1965. More pics from the tour shown


Pin on Raymond Burr-Other


Pin on Raymond Burr-Other

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Original CBS-TV series: September 21, 1957 – May 22, 1966.

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