Hollywood technical advisor Arvo Ojala
(February 21, 1920 – July 1, 2005)

In the opening credits of Gunsmoke!, Marshal Matt Dillon draws his
gun at the bad guy. Who is the gunslinger? A Finnish-American gun master named Arvo Ojala (above). The quick-draw specialist not only trained James Arness in gunfighting, he also trained Robert
Culp, James Garner,  and Paul Newman in the art.

As a joke on the producers, James Arness and Arvo actually did the opener once with Dillon falling to the ground.

Accordiing to Wikipedia, Ojala taught himself marksmanship and
how to quick-draw a handgun while living on his father’s ranch
Yakima, Washington
. He said he sharpened his skill by  
shooting the heads off rattlesnakes.

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Behind the camera view.

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See the source image
Cased Third Generation Colt SAA Arvo Ojala/Gunsmoke Commemorative revolver, .45 cal., 7-1/2” barre.

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