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The Geneva Convention of 1864 for the Amelioration of the
Condition of the Wounded and Sick of Armies in the Field
was adopted by 12 nations meeting in Geneva.

The agreement, advocated by Swiss humanitarian Jean-Henri
Dunant, called for nonpartisan care to the sick and wounded
in times of war and provided for the neutrality of medical
personnel. It also proposed the use of an international emblem
to mark medical personnel and supplies.

In honor of Dunant’s nationality, a red cross on a white
background—the Swiss flag in reverse—was chosen. The
organization became known as the International Committee
of the
Red Cross. In 1901, Dunant was awarded the first
Nobel Peace Prize.

Dunant, Henry
Henry Dunant (born Jean-Henri Dunant)
(8 May 1828 – 30 October 1910)

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