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SAN ANTONIO (AP) — A marble bust that a Texas woman bought
for about $35 from a Goodwill store is temporarily on display at a
San Antonio museum after experts determined it was a centuries-
old sculpture missing from Germany since World War II.

The bust, which art collector Laura Young found at Goodwill in
2018, once belonged in the collection of King Ludwig I of Bavaria, according to the San Antonio Museum of Art, which is temporarily displaying the piece until it is returned to Germany next year.

The ancient Roman bust dates to the first century B.C. or first
century A.D. and historians believe it may depict a son of Pompey
the Great, who was defeated in a civil war by Julius Caesar.

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Laura Young, the owner of a vintage goods store in Austin, 

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(Fox News) – Turkey officials found an ancient Bible believed to be 1,200 years
old in a dramatic operation.  

The ancient text is in a frail condition, made of leather with gold lettering, and religious symbols and motifs appear on the pages. The Bible is 34 pages long
and has a cross and a star of David inside the book.

According to a Turkey news station, police recovered the ancient Bible as part
of an anti-smuggling operation on Monday in the city of Kayapınar, hours away from Syria. Police say three suspects were caught while trying to sell it in a
shoe store (below).

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