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Helen Kahan throws pitch at Rays game
Kahan, a Holocaust survivor, took to the field in honor of the Florida Holocaust Museum. Kahan lost family in the
Holocaust, and survived concentration camps.

A crowd of more than 25,000 cheered on 100-year-old Holocaust
survivor Helen Kahan as she threw the first pitch of the game
between the
Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees.

"It was really wonderful and exciting," Kahan told Fox News
Digital of the May 5 first-in-series baseball game held at
Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

"I loved seeing so many people cheering for us, ‘Go Tampa Bay.
Win, win, win!,’" the centenarian added. "Thank you for honoring
me. Thank you for honoring the
Florida Holocaust Museum. I
waited 100
years to do this." (FOX NEWS)

Helen Kahan and family
Kahan was joined by her family as she threw the first pitch
at the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays game in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Friday.

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On January 27, 1945, Soviet troops entered Auschwitz, Poland,
freeing the survivors of the network of concentration camps—
and finally revealing to the world the
depth of the horrors
perpetrated there.

Auschwitz was really a group of camps, designated I, II, and III
along with 40 smaller “satellite” camps. It was at Auschwitz II,
at Birkenau, established in October 1941, that the SS created a
complex, monstrously orchestrated killing ground: 300 prison
barracks; four “bathhouses” in which prisoners were gassed;
corpse cellars; and cremating ovens.

Thousands of prisoners were also used for medical experiments overseen and performed by the camp doctor, Josef Mengele, the
“Angel of Death.”
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