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Glenn L. Jackson was one of Oregon’s most influential
figures. He was a businessman who was appointed to
The Oregon State Highway Commission by Governor
Mark Hatfield in 1959. Jackson became chairman of
the commission in 1962. He died in 1980 at age 78. 

glenn jackson bridge 2
glenn jackson bridge
The Glenn Jackson Memorial Bridge spans the Columbia
River and carries I-205 traffic between Portland, Oregon
and Vancouver, Washington. It opened in December of

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white satin sugar
                    The sign in 1940.
white stag 
                  The change in 1959.
made in oregon sign 1 
   The sign was changed again in 1997.
Photos: Dismantling 'Made in Oregon' sign
A Portland landmark is about to change again. The
”Made in Oregon” sign will soon say,”Portland Oregon”.
Work began today to convert the sign by a target date of 
Friday, November 26th.

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