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MAUREEN O'HARA at Temple Bar to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Irish Film Institute
Dublin, Ireland - 26.09.04
Credit:WENN (Newscom TagID: wennphotos026385)     [Photo via Newscom]

Maureen O’Hara is an Irish film actress and singer. The famous red-headed
O’Hara has been noted for playing passionate heroines. She often worked
with director John Ford and longtime friend John Wayne.


Maureen O’Hara with young Natalie Wood in Miracle on 34th Street

quiet man


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14 Responses to “MAUREEN O’ HARA IS 91 TODAY”

  1. Barby says:

    One of my absolute FAVorite actresses! She is still beautiful at 91!

  2. I would love to meet her and just shake her hand!!! Miss. O’Hara is absolute “Class”.. In the beginning of her carreer I believe it was just a dream of hers and never realized what an effect she would have on other peoples dreams or how many people she would draw to our beautiful country of Ireland with the Quiet Man and just being an Irish Actress… Thank you Miss O’Hara for a lifetime of success and dream sharing!!!

  3. Edward H. Evans! says:

    mrs Ohara I really enjoy your films with the Duke, you and the duke seem to have a close friendship , I really can see that you and john wayne had a close friendship- too bad the both of you did not get married or something

  4. Linda M. Chiarolanza-Raven says:

    The lovely, talented, and, icon, Maureen O’Hara, God bless her is one the best true entertainers’ of the Great Generation. Absolute, “class.” I along with many would like to meet her and shake her hand. It is my hope that she is still well and enjoying life. Thank you, Ms. O”Hara for the many years of enjoyment that you have given to me and others. It would be a joy to see you again on the television. Also, it would be a joy as stated above to meet you. Your era of entertainers will never be topped by the entertainers of today; especially, the liberals.

    Warm regards and respectfully,

  5. sue says:

    there will never be another actress like Maureen O’Hara. I grew up watching her sensational movies and she is more than a just an actress to me. She’s like part of my family. She is extraordinary. I was delighted when I turned on the tv this evening and found her the lead actor in a 1995 christmas movie than I had never seen before. May the Lord bless her with health and joy in her twilight years. Thank you for the memories!!! An avid fan. Sue

  6. thomas caldwell says:

    happy birthday love your movies AND THAT RED HAIR

  7. Tracy Eddy says:

    I am a 2 star mother and a veteran helping to teach veterans and active duty to come home, Your film, the quiet man quiets my men and women. My favorite films of you are the quiet man and the parent trap. Wish we could all have that fire and spirit that you so often displayed. all my best and belated birthday tracy

  8. Carl H. Minor says:

    Love all of her movies which I still enjoy today, Happy 91st. Love you then and now.

  9. David Counts says:

    I watched a repeat the other day of the ‘Quiet Man’ and was reminded of the movie ‘Parent Trap’ which I saw in the theatre as a child. It’s still one of my favorites today. All I can say is kudos Ms. O’Hara, you’re one class act!

  10. Marlene Dietrich says:

    I just watched one of your movies on TCM. You were great!

  11. Juanita McCauley says:

    John & yourself are two of my favorite actors & actresses. Thank you for your contribution to theatre!

  12. Pauline Haycock says:

    You are the epitome of beauty, dignity, style and true class – such qualities are eternal. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us

  13. ann ostrosky says:

    There never will be another like her. Today’s so-called stars can’t compete with her.

  14. Glenn Anderson says:

    I just watched the the movie The Spanish Main and what a class movie in deed , Maureen O’hara you are beautiful. It wasn’t until I saw this movie I realized how many movies you have been in. You are in deed a very classy women in a time that was a struggle for women to get the recognition you deserve. Thank you so much ox

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