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the shadow 

It was Thursday night, July 31,1930 that radio listeners tuned to CBS hear the first appearance of "The Shadow" as James La Curto portrayed the part in the Detective Story Hour. Street and Smith publishers sponsored the initial show’s. The program shifted to Mutual on September 26, 1937 with a new voice for Lamont Cranston, the young and relatively new theater and radio personality: Orson Welles. Bret Morrison
was the voice of “The Shadow” for most of 1943, and John Archer took over near the end of 1944. Morrison returned in September, 1945, and remained the voice through 1954. After its run with various players, sponsors, and time slots, “The Shadow” remained on the Mutual network until the last episode, Murder by the Sea, was
aired on Sunday, December 26, 1954.

orson wells shadow 

Bret Morrison 


This is the opening of The Shadow, played by the legendary
Orson Welles. This episode is "The Circle of Death", which
originally aired November 28, 1937.


The Shadow Radio

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