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Roy Thinnes is a television and film actor best known for his role of
David Vincent in the ABC series The Invaders (1967-1968). He also
portrayed the character Alfred Wentworth in the pilot episode of Law 
& Order
on NBC in 1990.


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10 Responses to “ACTOR ROY THINNES IS 74 TODAY”

  1. Doriano Pulpito says:

    Dear Mr.
    I love The Invaders Rhoy thinnes and his carachter
    David Vicent long and good time agocwhen I was young in 1960’s and I saw here in Brasil at night 10 P.M.

  2. mike Elliott says:

    loeely to hear and see him again as I was a big fan of long hot summer then his other successes

  3. Tim Cheshire says:

    best wishes to Roy (David vincent) I still talk about ‘The Invaders’ on a regular basis and watch the box set. Best QM production ever, TC

  4. DON MARION says:

    I liked the Invaders back in the day…now, having just purchased both seasons through Amazon, I am really hooked. we watch one or two episodes after dinner every night…soon, I will watch it by my self. I am retired and she works, so I have the time to see what I really enjoy over and over.. I worked for the L.A. Times when he was doing the series…and now live in a Chicago suburb. An interesting note, to me, anyway.I have just downloaded all of the You Tube episodes of The Long Hot Summer. Awesome. Truly. He is a few months older than me, but we both look amazing. lol. Happy belated Birthday, Roy Thinnes, aka David Vincent. Live Long and Prosper.

  5. I grew up watching Roy perform in numerous series. always turning in a great performance regardless of the role. But his lead role in The Invaders was truly memorable for me at the age of 18 back in 1967. I’m now watching it again on You Tube, and brings back many fond memories of the great writing, acting and directing that took place in those days gone past. What truly amazing is how somewhat prescient The Invaders was in many respects regarding modern Ufology. Happy birthday, Roy Thinnes, you were truly one in a million. It’s sad not seeing you on the screen any more.

  6. patricia in UK says:

    I was hooked from the first episode , and in love for the first time ,I was 15 he was ( Vincent ) 30 . and now 45 years later ,watching it all over again.what a classic.many happy more birthdays Roy x

  7. eston reid says:

    met you at chiller conventions and as always you are a class act/happy birthday/many more…

  8. Seymour Stecker says:

    Watched the Invaders when I was young.My coudion David Scheiner was on a episode.Do you keep on touch with him?

  9. Strange just looked you up as watching an old episode on sky in England. Watched this when I was a kid. Brilliant.

  10. Just watching episode on sky England love this a s a kid. Belated happy Birthday Roy.

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